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  1. JPC - who's using it?

    Yes, I'm running it too. It's quite nice, and an improvement on JP3 (I reverted to JG5 after a week or so of that). I'd still much rather be using a stock Android with a couple of the Touchwiz enhancements. Notably the screenshot app and the pulldown quick settings. Everything else can get lost.
  2. I've always thought the SGS felt very 'cheap' and indeed, my main concern upon handling mine for the first time was just how long the finish would last for, especially the way the "with Google" and "Samsung" logos are painted on the surface of the rear case. I hope somebody can make a nice replacement rear cover for it from some kind of metal (titanium? :D)
  3. Heh. Never mind, I completely missed this line: busybox losetup /dev/loop0 /data/dataimg rebooting now...
  4. I got this error too, so I downgraded to 1.17.1 (was on 1.18 git) and got this: # busybox mkfs.ext2 /dev/loop0 mkfs.ext2: image is too small ...anyone have any idea?
  5. so anyway, I managed to brick my phone by trying to apply the market fix script. Can somebody please upload the default JP3 build.prop file somewhere for me? thanks :)
  6. as far as I know, Flash Player for Android can only be installed from the Android Market. I can't see a download for Android anywhere on the Adobe site...
  7. this chap on Twitter has indicated his willingness to work on CM for Galaxy S, but he doesn't have a device. Heh. Maybe if we all gave him a tenner, it might happen.
  8. Where did you download it from? I doubt it would be for Android if it was a .exe file.
  9. I9000 Battery Muncher

    Give it a few days - all new batteries need to 'bed in' so to speak.
  10. Replacing TouchWiz Launcher

    oop, I just tried the one from here and it worked fine. Launcher Pro is still way faster though.
  11. Replacing TouchWiz Launcher

    I've tried using Launcher2 (The Nexus one) but the icons are all corrupted :angry:
  12. Galaxy S pros and cons

    Pros: It's really really fast It's new The screen is amazing It has an unlocked bootloader It's ridiculously easy to 'root' Cons: It's new, so the ROM availability is not great Apparently Samsung uses encrypted drivers so it's more difficult to roll custom ROMs (I may be wrong here) The built-in flash memory makes it more annoying to migrate from an older Android handset to it, as the 'external' SD Card is mounted in /sdcard/sd/ so most (if not all) backup/restore apps can't see it. The stock homescreen/launcher is vile. Samsung's software (Kies) can't see the phone on Win7 64bit. At least, not for me. Not that I really care. ...did I mention that it's fast?

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