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  1. sionyboy

    bbc iplayer problems

    I installed 10.3 and youtube comeback, but performance isn't great an I just had a reboot whilst watching a youtube video..... So, not ideal then!
  2. sionyboy

    bbc iplayer problems

    Oh yeah, and html5 videos on youtube don't work either, press play and nothing happens. Don't make me factory reset!
  3. sionyboy

    bbc iplayer problems

    I've also lost the picture on flash video, on 3.2.69 with latest flash version off market.
  4. sionyboy

    gen9 3.2.69 – gen8 2.4.80 firmwares

    3.2.69 doesn't feel too stable to me, browser seems quicker but at the cost of a few FCs and laggy operations. :-(
  5. sionyboy

    gen9 3.2.69 – gen8 2.4.80 firmwares

    Woooh, another update! Let's see if web browsing really is faster.
  6. sionyboy

    Paul's Archos 80 G9 review

    Another issue, I get static/skipping/popping effects when using stock music player. Thought it might be problemwith speakers, but just downloaded PowerAMP and getting none of that. Anyone else getting this? Luckily poweramp seems a pretty good app, but I miss the rew/ffw options in notification area.
  7. sionyboy

    Paul's Archos 80 G9 review

    i cant wait for root, be great to see what optimizations will be made to the firmware to get memory footprint down and tweak performance. And did archos really includeva trial version of picsel office? when i saw it i was hoping it would be full version, seems such a tease!
  8. sionyboy

    Paul's Archos 80 G9 review

    One other thing, when you have a few tabs open in the stock browser when you switch between them i find it ends up having to reload the page.tht a side effect of having only 512mb?
  9. sionyboy

    Paul's Archos 80 G9 review

    anyone else find text entry n websites is a pretty laggy affair? keyboard issue, or just poor performance? using stock keyboard.
  10. sionyboy

    New Archos G9 firmware released - 3.2.61

    What is with the lack of haptic feedback? Seems like such a strange feature to remove/disable.
  11. sionyboy

    New Archos G9 firmware released - 3.2.61

    Installed yesterday on my new archos, didn't play around with the firmware that was on device (3. 2.22) I've had no issues with the market since the update, and device seems a lot snappier when multi-tasking.
  12. sionyboy

    Paul's Archos 80 G9 review

    mine came today, thank you dixons and your £171 price. so far so good. don't like the stock keyboard, think swiftkey tablet edition might be in order. screen is good, much better than the Vega, though not as nice as ips offerings. updated to latest firmware and market seems to be working fine. it takes a long time to charge mind. edit: Another question, when I attach the tablet to my laptop I don't get an option to 'mount' the drives. is this normal?
  13. sionyboy

    Paul's Archos 80 G9 review

    I really, really want one, but I'm concerned over the 'screen blob' effect. Archos have acknowledged it and said it will be sorted on the next production run, but how long until the next production run is available to buy? And what happens to all the G9 80s that are sat in their stockrooms..... Still, it doesn't seem so bad in your model Paul. There are one or two videos where it looks a lot more pronounced (unless the creators of those videos were exaggerating it to make a point)
  14. sionyboy

    My Archos 80 G9 8GB arrived! Any questions?

    Paul: Is the screen defect on your G9 as bad as this one. http://www.arctablet.com/blog/archos-tablet/archos-80-g9-1-ghz-screen-defect/ Seems to be pretty bad in that video, I'm not sure if that is a defective unit, if the person is applying too much pressure to try and make a point, or if that is the norm.
  15. sionyboy

    My Archos 80 G9 arrived...

    Any chance you can take a look at how much memory is available? Something like advanced task killer should tell you how much is free on the system.