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  1. WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nexus 7 introductory video

    working now thanks! Nexus 7 looks great. but can I justify buying one even though I've got ipad 2 already? Hmmm
  2. WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nexus 7 introductory video

    The video is private?
  3. Android 2.3 rolling out on Desire! =(

    Sorry to say I doubt Paul will do a Gingerbread based rom. I've long given up on that I'm afraid. I've been using Reflex S v2.1.7 GingerBread 2.3.3 over at XDA for a few days and it's great so I'd recommend trying that. Especially like the new lock screen with weather (or whatever you like) and the CRT off/on animation.
  4. Thanks baadnewz. My issue seemed to be the Snowfall live wallpaper. This was slowing the phone to a crawl. Working well with a different live wallpaper (A circuit board). I guess the HD rom is quite tight on memory Happy Christmas to you and all
  5. OK, I have installed this. Wiped everything. Restored apps using Titanium - I was careful to only restore what I needed and no system stuff. The problem is it keeps locking the phone up to the point that the screen won't even turn on. I have to pull the battery. It just froze now. All i did was turned the screen on and tried to slide across to Twitter Any ideas? It's looking like I might have to restore the Nandroid backup of R9 unfortunately which is annoying because this was looking like a great rom Can't understand why others aren't having issues EDIT: and it just rebooted itself while locked up
  6. I am already happy with Titanium and want to use this. Is there a fundamental difference or will I be ok?
  7. Hey guys. I'm currently on R9 and want to try this rom out while waiting to see if Paul comes up with a R10 (would be a nice Christmas present Paul, hint hint) I have done a Nandroid backup and I am going to backup the apps with Titanium and then restore on the new rom (maybe one at a time just in case) Anything I should be aware of? Any pitfalls if you have tried this? What should I wipe cache wise? Thanks for any help
  8. Anybody else having issues with the default Internet browser? Basically it slows the phone to a crawl on R9 (and R8 previously). It really annoys me. I can get round it by using another browser no problem (xscope 6 I like). However the default browser randomly starts itself and the phone freezes until I can get into Task Killer and kill it. Any ideas? This is spoiling the phone for me (that and the lack of internal memory if you have seen my other thread). I like the default browser and would use it if I could. Yes, I had wiped before install Paul, if you are reading this, is this likely to be fixed in R10?
  9. Fed up with low space any ideas?

    All sounds very complicated, what's a simpler solution? We shouldn't have to do all this just to use our phones in normal operation. I guess my next question is how come Contacts is using 56mb and how can I reduce this? Not sure where the options are for this. Can Contacts be moved to SD?
  10. Fed up with low space any ideas?

    Well I baked a version with Modaco's A2SD+ and presumed it was working. I partitioned SD card with EXT3 too as far as I know. According to Quick System Info app A2SD storage is 457mb, Free 293mb and Internal Storage is 148mb with Free 13.95mb. I have noticed that Contacts has gone back to 56mb although no longer showing at top when sorting by size (Twitter does now, 14mb). Is there an option somewhere that is storing too much data, I can't have more than 100 contacts. Help!
  11. Fed up with low space any ideas?

    I always have to go into manage applications and move to SD card. This has never happened automatically for me. I presume A2SD+ does work because a while back I was getting low space warnings on A2SD so flashed over the top with A2SD+ which freed a load of space. I thought that A2SD+ moved the dalvik cache only?
  12. My Desire has a constant warning about low space on R9. Have removed some apps but no better off. Last night I reluctantly cleared data in Contacts as it said it was using 56mb (wtf). After doing this though I was worse off with only 12mb remaining from 14mb. What's going on? I'm on R9 baked with A2SD+ and have moved all apps that allow to SD card already. This issue is seriously ruining what is a great phone for me. All ideas gratefully accepted!
  13. I believe the new HTC Desire and Z features will be in the next official rom release (possibly Gingerbread) if you can wait. This include the remote locking etc from HTCs website. Maybe R10 will be based on that is is the release not soon enough?
  14. YouTube Remote

    Can't download on my Desire. Keeps asking for Capcha over and over :-(
  15. Any chance of WP7 on Desire one day?

    Spot on. That's what we all do here isn't it?