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  1. Hey Paul beta 10 has been rock solid for me. Now you've got the S4 up and running do you sleep?
  2. How can I get the nee elementalx 4.2 running on switch?
  3. In sense, flash and benefit.
  4. Root explorer win!
  5. This rom is the longest I have had a rom running on my phone. Love it. Bugs I have are: GE has no status bar and sometimes needs restoring of all icons.
  6. Read a page back. Derp.
  7. Beta 9 4.3 can't get root. Any ideas? I flashed root zip again and I have root on sense side.
  8. Twrp is best for switch. I assume you used cwm?
  9. I can say everything works except on the GE rom the home button doesn't do anything. And sometimes the camera crashes. Wifi works though.
  10. I have beta 5 running on my black Telstra one. Cid:11111111 Mid: PN0714000 S-Off Hboot: 1.54.0000 GE Radio: 4A.17.3250.14 I can report that it runs well. Only issue for me is the contacts on sense rom and CWM asking me to install stock recovery so i switched to TWRP. And also the widget issue. Also I restored from Titanuim on GE rom with no issues.
  11. I'm not getting auto rotate. Is there something I forgot to toggle?
  12. Wow what a douch. So everyone else who is loving this rom must be pissweak. Great work mate. I would have thanked you earlier if I remembered that I am a member of this forum.

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