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  1. For me... 3GB RAM 32GB Storage 3000MaH Battery Decent fingerprint reader Everything else, including screen resolution and fast-charging/wireless charging are optional.. So what's important, and not important for you?
  2. RedSlug

    TinyDeal Introduction

    Are orders shipped from the EU? Will there be customs charges?
  3. I can't afford an Android Wear or iWatch right now. Which of the smart watches will give me the best experience?
  4. RedSlug

    Android 5.1 now available for the Honor 6+

    Double tap to wake is broken in 5.1 for the Honor 6+
  5. RedSlug

    Android 5.1 now available for the Honor 6

    This seems to have fixed the "Google Play Services has stopped" error. Overall stable. But with few obvious 5.x enhancements. It does have a new camera app, including a new time-lapse mode.
  6. RedSlug

    LG G2 Review

    Great review James! Having had this phone for a few weeks now, I don't like the back buttons. For it to be successful, the double tap needs to work reliably. And it's a pain when driving. With any other phone you can turn the screen off and on, without taking your eyes of the road. The buttons on the back are inaccessible when in the cradle, and double tapping is tricky to get right, especially tuning off. Mine came with the promotional window case, which doesn't really fit properly. Inexcusable really, considering it's so expensive. Glad I didn't pay for it. I quite like the sliders in the notification pull-down, but i wish you could wipe down the right hand side, to display all the other gumph that LG supply.. Quick memo, qslide etc. I dont mind the quick access to them, just not all on the screen at the same time. But, it's a fantastic phone. The best I have ever owned, and i've owned about 10 Android phones now, including 3 Nexuses. My Nexus 7 is boring compared to it, and seriously thinking about getting the 8.3 Gpad? I'm sure the annoyances wont be so annoying on a larger screen.
  7. RedSlug

    Ask MoDaCo: The HTC One max

    Will the fingerprint scanner get better over time? What's the current problem with it?
  8. RedSlug

    Ask MoDaCo: The HTC One max

    And Note 3 :), How does the screen compare in quality
  9. RedSlug

    Versus TouchTab 8DC Review : Do not buy

    Rockchip 3066
  10. The tablet it'self is initially impressive. The textured back gives a nice grippy feel and overall impressions are that it's a good value-for-money tablet. Jelly bean / 16GB storage / 1GB ram / IPS screen / Mini-SD / Mini-HDMI / Google Play Store A few bits of bloatware - Angry birds etc. But basically stock Jelly bean For £139 its seems quite reasonable. However, after a few days the screen had failed, so back to Currys it went. Then it went again. This time I worked out what the problem is. You can turn the brightness of the screen down to pitch black. When in this state you cannot then make the screen bright again. It's effectively useless. I was talked through re-flashing the device by versus and it worked again. I contacted them again to ask how this bug was going to be fixed - There doesnt seem to be an OTA updater for jelly bean (you have to use a USB cable and RockChip flashtool) and I was told "The option to reduce the brightness down to zero is not a fault its an option. As long as you don't reduce the brightness to zero you should be fine" This is totally unacceptable for any tablet, budget or not. It's not an "option" to disable your tablet. It's an outright bug. Since then I have found the tablet in this state, without me touching the brightness, three times. So there is obviously something else which sets the brightness to zero. TL : DR Do not buy! It has a bug which disables the tablet, which Versus refuse to admit is a bug.
  11. RedSlug

    Ask MoDaCo: Asus FonePad

    Well that's a bit stupid and annoying! Ah well :-)
  12. RedSlug

    Ask MoDaCo: Asus FonePad

    What kind of TV out is there? if anything.. Miracast? MHL? Do all the nexus 7 accessories fit? Is the form factor exactly the same?
  13. Is there a HDMI out via mhl or a standard Samsung connector? Some of the Adobe apps don't work on screens under 8.9in. Can you root and then hack the config file (my mind blank as to what its called) to set the size of the screen? Can I modify the keyboard dock for my 8.9 tab to fit the note? (Not as stupid as it sounds. The 8.9 dock is the same as the one for the gtab and the 10.1 tab.) BTW if anyone UKer fancies swapping for an iPad3 let me know :-)
  14. RedSlug

    Twitter client recomendations

    surely your main concern is that its better that Tweetdeck? I use Twicca. Very powerful and very stable. It does, however, need the defaults modified, but great once you've set it up. However, it doesn't do the things you asked for. But then neither does tweetdeck :P