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  1. Thanks, will try it ! EDIT: It seems every time I reboot Android asks me which launcher to choose, even if I have selected one already! EDIT2: Hello again, I have my contacts in international numbering (+30 for greece) and when I get called the device does not recognize the caller ! Any suggestions? :D Otherwise the rom seems to be very good and stable. Also I have very good battery consumption! :D
  2. Is this the Samsung Galaxy S IV?

    Dual sim high end android phone? This is a dream! :D
  3. We're giving away a UG802 Android Mini PC!

    Signed up through the above link and joined modaco team but I can't make any free 25 dollar loan :P
  4. MoDaCo Recommends... Best Android Web Browser

    Dolphin even in ICS because of Lastpass + Xmarks addons :P
  5. Lottery time!! Thanks for the prizes Paul, they are great!
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTk5OTkxOTU5 :D Nice idea, thanks!