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  1. Btw my comment was done using the stock browser no problem. I don't mind it too much, apart from that it doesn't remember open tabs. Dolphin isn't bad too but I prefer using stock apps if they do the job ok.
  2. I've had the Note for a few weeks now and am amazed that I managed with the tiny iPhone screen till now! I've had a few Android devices in the but this is the first that hasn't made me want my iPhone back after a day or so -in fact I just sold it. Yes the Note seems huge at first but you get used to it quickly, and it just feels normal now. One handed use is tricky but not impossible, and it's fit into every pocket I've tried. I don't get the amazing battery life that you mentioned, but haven't upgraded to ICS yet. Mine will last most of the day with everything enabled, if I disable 3G then it will do two days. Overall I love it!
  3. Not just you, I get that sometime but not for every app, it's just random when it happens.
  4. Wifi sleep policy is set to disable when the screen is off. I don't have much installed, Facebook & Twitter, ebay, a few games, that's pretty much it. I've disabled as much automatic checking that I can, although I have noticed that if I set the Exchange email client frequency to "Never", it instead acts like "Push" has been selected, delivering new emails instantly. I set that one to 1 hour instead. It's a shame that the battery usage graph doesn't show what apps have been using the battery, I always get a "battery usage data not available" message instead. It's not true that the iPad does nothing while it's off - it also checks hourly for email, and has notifications enabled for facebook/twitter/ebay so it should be doing similar things. Next time I come to charge the iPad I might set them off playing a video or mp3 and see how long they last, might be interesting like you said. As I don't have much on the Asus so far I might do a factory restore and see if that makes a difference.
  5. What sort of battery life is everyone getting from the Asus? I've read a few reviews where it's supposed to be 8-9 hours but I'm getting nowhere near that. I've charge it a few times and generally it shows the same kind of battery consumption as my iPhone, where I'll use it a few times, I'd estimate maybe 3-4 hours solid use at the most, but the battery needs charging by the 2nd day. In contrast, I got an iPad 2 last Wednesday and charged it in the evening while syncing. It's been used pretty much every day for similar tasks as the Asus, but the battery is still on 31%.
  6. General response seems faster, also I dont get any pauses while watching videos in the youtube app any more, nor do things grind to a halt when watching flash videos in the browser. Finally i typed this all on the stock asus keyboard without getting fed up with the lag. Theres still small delay but its a lot more useable now.
  7. i just installed it and it seems noticeably faster. Havent noticed any other obvious changes so far...
  8. I got a cheap mini HDMI cable off ebay and it works great. The display is bright, clear and lag-free through my TV, even with games and videos. Yes the top and bottom are cut off slightly, but its not a big deal. Considering the cable was less than a fiver, I'm happy with it :) What kind of battery life is everyone getting? I haven't been using mine much but still seem to be charging it every 2 days, whereas my I pad lasts probably a week or so with similar use. I tried looking at the battery activity but it says that the detailed view can't be shown...
  9. I got mine yesterday and found there's an option to change the wifi behaviour - Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wifi sleep policy - by default it was set to "Never" so I've changed it to "When screen turns off". I did have an issue with mine this morning in that it had switched itself off completely overnight! I was using it last night and pressed the power button once when I was done, so I didn't accidently shut it down. This morning it wasn't doing anything so I had to hold the power button for a while till it booted up from scratch. On the whole I'm pleased with it; the build quality is good (I haven't had the back flexing issue), performance is good and the screen is excellent. Honeycomb does feel a bit rough round the edges but there are some parts that I prefer to iOS.
  10. Worked fine for me once I stuck the correct settings in.
  11. I signed up for this a couple of days ago but it didn't seem to connect at all. I tried reinstalling it a couple of times but that didn't work either. Today I downloaded the setup file from the website and installed it over activesync - it's now working fine on my C550 :)
  12. You need to rename the autorun.exe file that in the 2577 folder on your memory card. Just rename to anything e.g. autorun.e and it will solve the problem.
  13. Problem solved - tried a Vodafone sim this morning and it worked fine, so phoned O2 who removed their blacklist and it's now working fine :)
  14. I'm having trouble with this :) Got my PAYG C550 yesterday but it wouldn't get a signal - phoned up Orange today who said that the blacklist hadn't been removed so they did that for me and I could get it to work with the Orange sim. Did the unlock procedure OK, my o2 sim no longer gives the "invalid sim" message, nor asks me for an unlock code. However, it acts like it is still blacklisted, never acquiring a signal and showing "Denied, searching" on the screen like it first did with the Orange sim. I phoned Orange again to double-check the IMEI and they confirmed that the phone wasn't blacklisted. I guess my next call will be to O2 to get them to check it - but Orange said that there is just one national blacklist register now?! This is really annoying!
  15. Thanks Paul, I've gone for this... can't say it does much for a 10Mb BB connection :) but I'll install it on my Qtek S110 later and give it a whirl... Hopefully the smartphone version will be released soon as that's where I'd probably use it the most!