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  1. Google Play - Reviews now powered by Google+

    I'm sad because I can't use Google+. My online identity account violates rule "use your own real name".
  2. Google Maps 5: No 3d tilt on the Desire?

    You can use GApps: http://www.mediafire.com/?qn47py0cn8y3h - you can delete unwanted apk's and flash it using recovery - apply zip
  3. Gmail 2.3.2 out - installation failed...

    Just question: Is it possible to do gmail.apk update using recovery - and apply .zip file? With /system/apps/gmail.apk inside? Like RIL updates? Just idea...
  4. LastPass for Dolphin HD

    Yes, in "Share using..." context menu. Simple and fast.
  5. LastPass for Dolphin HD

    Nice alternative is SuperGenPass. "It combines a Web site's domain and your master password to generate a unique password". Generated passwords are compatible with desktop versions (Bookmarket, extensions for Chrome,...)