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  1. RT @imajsaclaimant: This would be disgraceful... Esther McVey could make swift political return if Cameron appoints her to the Lords http:/…

  2. RT @joshkirk8: Well done to all you clueless people voting conservative. Thanks for ruining the lives of lots of people. Only rich will pro…

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  9. Woop UK #darksouls2 on the way and should arrive tomorrow :)

  10. RT @VapeBans: MEPs standing up for #ecigs Split & Separate #art18 from the #TPD VOTE NO! http://t.co/4ZMzC1OOZF

  11. Just to correct my self the bottom button does not have reverse threading. (@YouTube http://t.co/3qrLp4FuHi)

  12. LG Nexus 4 Black from Affordable Mobiles http://t.co/ybODbxJBlT via @affordablemob

  13. jasonXXx

    Anyone thinking of jumping ship?

    Just ordered a nexus 4. My osd as jast started cracking at the side of the volume and just under the volume button and on the bezel absolutely perfect I have never dropped the phone. Sending the thing back soon.
  14. jasonXXx

    Koush's Superuser

    Same I need to reroot.