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  1. Phone + Cloud + Black Box = DriveToImprove from Telefónica

    Well this appears to have died a death. The beta was great with a very active community then it was shut down and nothing. The site no longer exists and as a former beta tester I know absolutely nothing about what is to happen. We were even promised a copy of our data and I certainly requested that as it would have been interesting but again, nothing! Seems odd that a huge company like telefonica would act like this, maybe it was a huge failure so they quietly swept it under the carpet and hope no one notices!
  2. Lesson learned - thousands of sms = laggy phone

    There are several apps out there that enable downloading of SMS. I've got one, TXTract, that downloads and emails all of my SMS messages to an address of my choice, I can then delete them. I do this once I get to around 1000 SMS in total. Keeps the phone nice and snappy :(
  3. S-OFF Boot Splash Screen

    sweet :) Much better than Mr Joker, nice one and thanks :)
  4. HTC Desire Stock Froyo Rooted

    From what I've read on CDMA phones yeah. GSM phones no. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=776696
  5. MCR r8 development archive

    Well, just so you know. Baked this morning without friendstream, peep or facebook but WITH HTC Contacts and I don't have a problem with a sync loop. This was without a wipe, and with a wipe too (wiped to loose the two phone apps) G