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  1. it's fixied!!!!
  2. I also would like to see which one i actually bought, not all of them....
  3. many thanks dude, any other simplier option to install? what exactly is CHMOD?
  4. try also this one
  5. i have app2sd pro active, how do i actually move contats storage to sd? thanks.
  6. me to, dying to get few, willing to pay all cost + some % to helper ;)
  7. wow do they ship to other countries?
  8. :D
  9. ogiogi: excellent work !!!!!!!! oooooooo MACEDONIA šta ima? :D Može se upotrebiti na HTC DESIRE? = Can it be used on HTC DESIRE? Puno hvala za ovo = Many thanks for this
  10. only UK mainland? nm found it on ebay a little more but they ship to my country.....
  11. what about phone to firefox?
  12. seems quite decent to me.
  13. nothing is perfect hehe......all tends to be....which is good :D keep the good work P.

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