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  1. Phone Smash - OnePlus are walking a dangerous line

    Mind you, could be a way of getting a very cheap replacement if you have an already knackered phone ;^>
  2. Win an Asus / Google Nexus 7 with Amzer and MoDaCo

    Loving this one ;^>
  3. HTC One X Review

    This phone annoys me so much, they come out with something fantastic, then balls it up with a fixed battery! What the hell were they thinking? My quest for a new phone continues.
  4. Twitter client recomendations

    Seriously? There is not one single app that can this?
  5. Twitter client recomendations

  6. Twitter client recomendations

    Oh, and another essential is that it picks up from the last tweet read and doesn't keep jumping to the top.
  7. Twitter client recomendations

    Hi All, I have been using TweetDeck since the early beta's, but am just getting more and more annoyed with it. It is very unstable, they keep removing functionality (luckily I have a back-up of a pre crippled version), and it doesn't do a few things I would like. Things it MUST have: Multiple Twitter accounts, A twit-longer method seamlessly integrated, The ability to star messages reliably when out of signal range. The ability to star messages reliably when in signal range (unlike TweetDeck LOL). The ability to follow and unfollow from each account, not just the main one, Things I would REALLY like, but aren't really essential: Built in photo hosting, Integration of Google+ Integration of 4sq Translation of foreign messages. Suggestions please.
  8. ROM comparison site?

    Hi All, You know those sites for phones where you can tick boxes of what is really important/would be nice/totally unimportant and it will show a table of the ones that best suit your wants/needs? Is there anything like that for custom ROM's? I've been with MoDaCo, for a while and my kitchen ticket has just ran out (not that it looks like there will be a new kitchen anyway). Trying to work out which ROM's do and don't have what is a pain. A comparison site would sort this out. ~S
  9. Hi, Are there any plans to do a Gingerbread version now HTC have officially released a version for the Desire, or is this the last kitchen we will get? ~S
  10. Did you use a pre-made ROM, or bake your own? That was removed for some reason, I use the option in 'Extended Controls' now. But I do miss the power button hack. ~S PS Really dislike the new look forum ;^<
  11. Weird A2SD+ goings on

    Partitioned and put the SD that came with the phone back in, and all seems to be running as it should again. No idea why it killed the big SD, but apart from having a tiny SD, the phone is working so at least I can get on with stuff again. ~S
  12. Weird A2SD+ goings on

    I ran the AlphRev S-Off disk and told it to push a new recovery to the phone, that appeared to work great until the SD (both FAT32 and EXT3 partitions) vanished! So not really any further forward. ~S
  13. Weird A2SD+ goings on

    Tried and failed. It tells me it failed to get root. and asks if the firmware is too new. Any suggestions on how to continue from here? ~S
  14. Weird A2SD+ goings on

    Yup, this is a 16GB card, I get the same results when I try with the SD that came with the phone. I can see all the files from ROM Manager and Root Explorer, but from recovery all I can see is the clockworkmod folder, and that doesn't show any contents. I think there may be a problem with the recovery rather than memory space. ~S
  15. Weird A2SD+ goings on

    That is what I normally do (unless I'm being lazy and using ROM Manager LOL), but recovery (clockwork refuses to see the image on the SD. I am totally at a loss on how to continue. ~S P.S. Thanks very much for the help so far though.