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  1. the_lurker added a topic in Motorola Moto G   

    argos says no to three
    I went to Argos to buy the sim free moto 16gb and they said it wouldn't work with three mobile sims. Is this true?
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  2. the_lurker added a post in a topic How do I backup everything   

    I also read about it in Micromart. What I'm thinking is to backup the recovery partition then install clockwork and then backup the rest with Nandroid.
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  3. the_lurker added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra -   

    How do I backup everything
    I'm thinking of buying a San Francisco and would like to be able to backup everything e.g. recovery, boot, system and the like. I'm shore there is some thing on this forum but I can't find it and what I have found used clockwork. I would like fully stock orange images. Could some one pleas help.
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  4. the_lurker added a post in a topic [ROM] My New Racer Rom V2   

    I've had a search on the internet and found a possible cause for my music and videos appearing twice. It something to do with the "media storage" app. Some HTC phones have the same problem. Ive found a fix but when I restart the phone it happens again.
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  5. the_lurker added a post in a topic [ROM] My New Racer Rom V2   

    Is it just my racer or is this happening to others. In the music app all my music appears twice. Ive tried installing other music apps but they all have the same problem.

    Same problem with videos.
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