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  1. Hey guys!! I´m looking for Windows Phone Mango news... and... i found a.. mistake?? in the Windows Phone 7 MX Developers link... http://www.microsoft...esarrolladores/ It´s the LG P500... An android smartphone!!! With Windows Phone 7?? What the hell... Here is an image... and look.. i see the android´s notification bar!!! *I´m from Mexico, if my english it´s bad... sorry... im studying the language!!* THX!!
  2. Yo lo acabo de descargar y ya no funciona!! :-( Por lo visto erá una version beta y ya caducó!! It doesn´t work!! It´s a beta and it´s.. how do i say "caducó"? mmm.. it´s out of time!!!
  3. i8000L telcel mexico firmware

    Sorry.. my principal question was.. the .bin file, it´s the PDA version??
  4. i8000L telcel mexico firmware

    Nice!!! Then you only upgrade the PDA, right?? Do you have some problem with the new firmware?? Maybe the language, 3G connection, something?? I only have the phone from stock.. it´s I8000LUMIJ1.. i upgrade CSC the version it´s I8000EURJD4 and looks fine!! 3G, language, configurations!! Ehmm.. can you write in spanish?? I prefer to write in my language!!! :huh:
  5. i8000L telcel mexico firmware

    Hey man!! Do you have the rom?? The PDA and CSC files??? THX!!! :huh: