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  1. We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    I'm Justin, another blade owner which I'm still using as I wait to see if the Orange San Francisco community will grow. Not that memorable, but I managed to get lost in a Canadian military base whilst on holiday and must have gone round in circles for 30 minutes worrying I was going to run out of fuel :S
  2. My wifi connects and disconnects again quite a bit too
  3. Thank you both for this - it works great so far :huh:
  4. Hi FB, I've installed your Froyo rom for the first time yesterday, full wipe then r8a (flb-froyo-blade-r8a.zip) and I see this error too on the pattern lock screen. I didn't see this on Japanese Jellyfish. I have installed and used giffgaffAPN to set up the giffgaff settings. Would this have caused a problem? (I've replied here in case the thread moves.)
  5. I was having trouble with the link so I just tagged phoneID=4337 to the full request url in the sms i.e. wapshop.gameloft.com/php5/wifi/dl_web_tnb/promo/buyfull.php?phoneId=4337& ........... That will then identify as the Desire and should give you the free download page no matter what device.