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  1. awesome mate! such a nice review.. thanks paul! Best Regards, Xotic.
  2. Wipe Ext Partition

    by DATA.. he meant apps obviously... n yes all the data i.e in the form of apps on ext will be deleted.. Best Regards, Xotic.
  3. Screen "shakes" and is unresponsive

    yeah for sure its a hardware problem... i faced this same problem on my t-mobile pulse previously... but things are fine on HTC Hero till now :P
  4. Clockwork + flb 1.31 ?how to create ext partition?

    okay ill try... :P thanks for ur help mate
  5. Clockwork + flb 1.31 ?how to create ext partition?

    hey.. im using 512mb of ext at the moment with clockwork recovery installed... i dont want to use ext anymore... how can i make ext back to 0mb? rom manager gives an option to make ext minimum 128mb.. but i want 0mb.. plz help.. Best Regards... Xotic
  6. Various new firmware on Huawei

    so it means we cannot try this rom on our old PULSE(u8220)? and im using ur flbmod 1.5 atm.. and after flashing ur rom... i got 55mb in my internal... your rom is great though.. Best Regards, Xotic.
  7. J-MOD (based on Android 2.1)

    i dont think u need to go back to 1.5... just reflash this rom... if you'll get lucky the problem will be fixed... and if not.. like i said before.. it seems to be the socket (where u plug in ur headphones) problem to me.. as in its not a software problem.. Best Regards, Xotic.
  8. J-MOD (based on Android 2.1)

    well... its not the problem of the rom.. i suppose its a problem of ur headphones jack.. cant call it a software problem... try reflashing the rom.. the problem should be vanished if its a software problem... if its still there... then certainly its a hardware problem... Best Regards, Xotic.
  9. Various new firmware on Huawei

    did anyone try this rom on Pulse(u8220)?
  10. The Ultimate Pulse Owners Guide

    awesome guide mate.. thanks a bunch... n those who are using clockwork recovery and having problem moving dalvik cache to SD, If you apply Darktremor Apps2SD and still notice internal storage is decreasing, this is due to the dalvik-cache not being moved. By default, Darktremor Apps2SD will not move the dalvik-cache on boot. go to terminal emulator, su a2sd cachesd the phone will automatically reboot after the process and your dalvik would move to SD now and you'll have more space in internal :huh: Best Regards, Xotic.
  11. Wohooo Flash on Pulse, and its working.

    Flash is working awesome on my pulse :huh: thanks mate
  12. Stock Fonts, lost it :S

    is it possible to flash other fonts from recovery? if it is plz share them, Best Regards, Xotic.
  13. buahahaha that was hilarious.. lmao
  14. Pulse bricked

    its probably a hardware issue i suppose... bricking is referred to mess up ur phone while updating/installing a rom etc. Best Regards, Xotic :huh: