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  1. For me, now, the second season of Gideon Raff's "Hatufim - Prisoners of War" (the original to Showtime's "Homeland" remake) is actually the *best piece of TV fiction I've ever seen my entire life*. Just sayin'.

  2. Advanced Reboot options (under Developer options) are gone, why? And thank you very much for providing us w/ Lollipop in the first place. Yours, Alex
  3. Zu Besuch in / visiting / visite à Maastricht.

  4. "Don't Clinton me with words!" ("Scandal") - I liked that.

  5. Bluely marche très bien - c’était un grand plaisir!

  6. "Violence - the language of the weak." (Neaera, The World Devourers)

  7. Neaera - Ours Is The Storm.

  8. Classic: Metallica - For whom the bell tolls.

  9. Classic: Benga & Coki - Night.

  10. Classic: "Here I stand and fight for my desire - my life for your blood and fire." (Caliban, "The Revenge")

  11. Classic: "Pray for the dead." (Bring Me The Horizon, "Crucify Me" off their "There's a hell believe me I've seen it, there's a heaven let's keep it a secret" smash hit album)

  12. Machine Head - Halo.

  13. Classic: "Dying reality Stereotyped insanity Sweet nihilistic angel of war." (At the gates, "The Dying")

  14. "Suicide is an urban disease Spread by People and places like these A quick self destruct from the 21st floor The smell of gas from the kitchen door.” (Anne Clark)

  15. Schade, dass "Alcatraz" eingestellt wurde!