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  1. I got a text message about this a few months ago, excited at first until the "not compatible with your device" message from the market (have a nexus 5). is a shame they have limitited it to the devices they sell rather than the SIMs they provide.
  2. would be amazing if the Touchstone works!
  3. def going to get a Nexus 4 (16GB) to replace my SII, at that price it would be silly not too. plus they are selling for £200 on ebay at the minute so could get most of that cost back :)
  4. Google Maps too, now with Offline mode -
  5. glad your not linking to the Shady Market version :) FYI for anyone that wants to give it a go, you can download the demo files from within the app during setup as well
  6. loving the multiple ways to win, +2 for a comment :P
  7. 'I want to enter the lottery portion of the competition', would love to win myself a Vega and as all I need to do to enter is make a quick post here, I thought why not... bit about me? Im a PHP developer at one of the leading UK hosting companies, working in their R&D department, in my spare time I love tinkering with Android on my now ageing HTC Hero. I'd love a Vega as my 4yr old is obsessed with Android (in particular Angry birds and Xconstruction) and would like my phone back ;-)
  8. done... done... and done. I never win these compititions, but like they say... You gotta be in it, to win it.
  9. lack of SD Card support is def making me reconsider getting one
  10. nice, cheers Paul ;)

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