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  1. Tick tack :-)
  2. Working fine here, rooted using stickmount
  3. Yeah, i got a 8GB model, and 5.52GB available for media content
  4. U are welcome
  5. Excellent news, thanks
  6. type *#*#4636#*#* on the dial pad and you can force wcdma only from "phone information"
  7. Worked fine, Win7 32bits :) thanks Sir
  8. I've ordered a pack of screens from , can't say about fit, still waiting for the phone, mail company on strike last week so it's delayed, dam you postal office
  9. Yeah right, my nexus 4 and 7 have a big scratch and they're also gorilla , nothing is scratch free harder to scratch, but it scratches
  10. Bought this one on eBay
  11. And how about resize, change color?
  12. I can´t remember which one, but i had a phone that always turns on when charging
  13. Waiting for a bumper
  14. Nice.... :) Thanks
  15. Right click the top of the bar and then choose mark ScreenShot032.bmp

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