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  1. Cyanogenmod for Omnia 2?

    WTF. =.= Re-read voyteckst's post.
  2. Cyanogenmod for Omnia 2?

    Sarcasm damn it.
  3. I think he's asking if the video's reliable/ real or fake. Not that he's telling us that it's coming.
  4. Sweet! Glad to see progress moving so quickly for this project. Great work guys. :)
  5. Do you mean that people who have network problem WILL have 00000000000000 for their IMEI? I've got a bunch of zeros too BUT everything works just fine.
  6. Exceedingly pleasant experience with the overall. Not met any problems yet after 2 days of usage. Only minor issue is with TitaniumBackup.
  7. [Android] Show your Home Screen!

    Wow Andre, that's really sleek. Loved it, could you kindly share with us the customizations you've used?
  8. Hey guys, is it possible for us to use the bundle installer from here?
  9. Very excited to test out the new beta and to report on bugs. :)
  10. Great to hear. But is there any work being done for a permanent Market fix for everyone? Mine seems erratic. Working only once in a while.
  11. Yeah, I'd love to hear from the devs occasionally too.
  12. Hey guys, any idea when they'd implement auto-focus for the camera?
  13. Deleting that would result in some apps not being able to "Register" as they're older apps that require access to your owner info tho.
  14. I8000NXXJE1 LITE 20100511

    Hey guys, I've recently flashed to this and I'm getting an "My Info" (Owner Information) popup everytime I unlock my phone. This is freaking annoying and I can't turn it off as there is no "Option" tab in the "Owner Info" settings.