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  1. The James Norton Column: Camera Shoot-out

    I really enjoyed this - a great read and as le_lutin says, the picture viewer made it very easy to compare I was really struck by the huge variability in shots of the same scenes. Do you have any views on clip on lenses? I was going to get one to mess about with on my nexus 5. You have a lot of telephones, by the way!
  2. Nexus 4 ftw - shame there aren't more modaco-ers with 'em.

  3. w00t! Got my Nexus 4 - just need half an hour to get it rooted and I'm in business!

  4. Really really excited about collecting my Nexus 4 on Saturday! Merry Christmas!

  5. Whatever is that heavenly smell?

  6. why DO birds suddenly appear everytime you're near?

  7. mmmmm.. peppermint

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