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  1. than Richard's makes sense. However from my reading both here and over at tabletroms, the majority of TS failures seems to occur during the flashing procedure (or directly after). Can only lead me to believe some screens (batch) are prone to failure or excessive flashing and perhaps not following the correct step by step instruction and failing to perform cwm wipes between installs may also be at fault as you say Richard heat is an issue, and for me some roms run hotter than others eg, vegaics seems to run hotter ( for me) and the back side of the Vega does become warmer than say if I'm using the vegacomb rom. Iv also noticed a significant drop in battery life but not sure if this is simply a side effect of ICS or perhaps an overclocking issue....incidently I'm not sure if my current rom is overclocked or not but in the past I have found that overclocking be it phone or laptop etc has caused more hassle for me than is worth in the long run....I recently had to perform a complete wipe of my laptop HD after attempting a slight overclock with no backup ;( Maybe best to just find a rom we can be happy with and stick to it lol....Don't get me wrong the work the devs are doing here is just amazing and the fact we have the option to even have Ics on the Vega is purely down to the genius's on here so I have to say a massive thanx to them for their work...And I for one find it hard to resist trying em all. now am rambling cheers
  2. just a question about the touchscreen issues discussed here. Does the issue mostly occur after flashing a new Rom or is it something inherint within certain tabs with the .99 version fw? Is there any particular Rom that seems to cause this, ie, does a rom actually change the screen fw version i have...I am running vegaics atm with no issues but would like to try Vcream2.1 but am slightly apprehensive in case I mess up the touch controller So maybe the only pre warning we have is to check our FW version before flashing and as saying goes if it ain't broke... is there a way to check what version I have from within vegaics, or must I go back to a stock rom? when I look in >settings > about tablet there is nothing Listed reguarding the firmware sorry for all the questions but thanx in advance to anyone who can help
  3. A definative list of proven Vega accessories.

    thanx m8. Will have a look at the samsung cheers
  4. A definative list of proven Vega accessories.

    Hi' I know this is an older thread but just wondered if anyone knew of any proven "working" chargers/power supply units for the vega....I have recently received a 2nd vega from currys/pc world ebay outlet but it has come with a faulty power supply. They have offered a refund but not a replacement as they have no more vegas in stock Went out today and picked up one of the universal 12v chargers with different attatchments which fitted & vega charge light flashes but fails to charge the vega also screen is non responsive when this is plugged in. Cheers Folks
  5. I owned the Oled version of the SF but have since upgraded to the Desire. While the oled did seem more colour saturated there really doesnt seem to be any major differences aside. The desire i have is the SLCD model and the screen is very nice. Seems the Amoled shortages are evident with the higher spec devices. Orange didnt even see fit to mention on their website description that the screen has changed on the all black desire and still market it as Amoled. IMO you will be noticing minor differences but if your heart is set on oled then you may tend to scrutinize the device for variables which may lead to disapointment...My advice would be to just enjoy the SF for what it is...A proper awesome wee bit of android kit. :unsure:
  6. Desire Battery Sucks !!

    Ye i agree that 3G is my primary battery rinse. Although from reading on other threads for some' its not a major problem if you have a stable (strong) 3G connection My problem is at home my 3g connection produces major instability and is continually switching between 3G & GPRS but always seems to be in a permanent state of searching for a stronger radio signal..ie: 3g which can not be healthy for any battery. Mostly i keep it on a 2g setting at home and use Opera for browsing and switch to 3G when out n about That said, my battery life on the desire is probably the poorest iv'e seen on any smartphone that i have used IMHO...Even when 3g and all other drains are off. Unfortuneatly the gorgeous screen itself will rinse the life out of battery pretty rapidly
  7. Ye turning off Data services deffinatly extends my battery life almost drawing to a halt if left on stanby. I just made a 45 minute phone call with data switched off & the battery dropped by 1%.....Before this' a ten minute phonecall (with data ON) resulted in 11% drain, So im reckoning the 3G/GPRS is the main culprit on my SF
  8. Finally messed up

    Panic Over :) Thanks for the advice guys Hillmie87 I was thinking of trying exactly that if all else failed! Never to shy to chance my arm lol Steve Ye thats what was p***** me off, I had already installed 'Quick Boot' but couldnt get passed the android screen :) Completly agree with you tho it is a great tool to have Anyway i dont have a clue whats up with my volume- rocker but for what ever reason after numerous attempts at trying to enter to the recovery mod the power + volume down sequence kicked in and allowed me to access the recovery menu :) From here i was able to re-install the r3 And all flashed without hitch....Phew! Getting the Stock rom on was a much easier process this time by using the Quick Boot>Recovery>install stock,rom from sd. Again went without hitch. Again Thanks Steve For your earlier post with the 3 stage step by step, Combined with all Of Pauls great work here has made my initial attempt at Root/Rom less daunting Cheers ps. A huge thanks for the Clockwork Recovery Mod found here. It realy is just awesome to install/revert back custom roms in this simplified way...assuming you have functional volume buttons or quick boot or similar. (Was tearing me hair out earlier). My volume down worked one time and got me where i wanted to be but strangely has not worked since lol
  9. Ok so last night i managed to root and install r3 with clockwork recovery, all went well thanks to everyone here.....Today i notice my volume down button is knackered and wasnt responding to presses. I wanted to go back to stock orange rom (to return the faulty phone to orange) Downloaded pauls 'blade-boot+recovery zip' for use with fastboot... placed it in SD Card root.... re-named the file (mcri-system.tar.gz) I then followed some instructions to reboot the phone which i have done, But now im stuck on the little Android fella. im going round in circles here and TBH my head is jus getting a bit wasted trying to figure out what to do next. Think i got cocky after last nights rooting etc, went without hitch but is come back to bite me now :) Ironically i cant use 'clockwork recovery' since my volume down isnt working Please guys id be so greatfull for any assistance here, if anyone has any idea what i should try next. I have searched through the forum and while iv seen similar issues, the reading of multiple solutions , which are a great help, but tbh has left me more confused Thanks
  10. Volume buttons

    cheers John. Will give them a bell when i get home
  11. Has anyone experienced an issue with the volume buttons? Volume Up seems ok but Volume Down has just stopped working. The phone has not been dropped or knocked so im at a loss as to whats up :) Seems the more i fiddle on the rocker there are random clicks that register and for a second it works but as i say it is random as mst times the down button is just unresponsive... Dont know much about Orange but would this qualify as faulty (clearly is) and grounds for an xchange? Had the phone over two weeks now Also rooted the phone with custom rom/clockwork recovery etc...So would i need to install Pauls stock orange rom if the phone needs to be exchanged? Thanks Would a factory reset take me back to stock orange rom or would i need to flash??
  12. HTC_IME keyboard?

    Yup, 2 reboots, also tried the 'Lo res' mod. That one did bring up a keyboard but it was tiny, only used half the screen, all aligned to left lol Was fun trying to type on it tho :)
  13. HTC_IME keyboard?

    This doesnt work for me :) Iused astro to install (still not rooted) and both files installed without hitch then selected HTC IME Mod in 'Settings> 'language/keyboards' But when i go to compose a message & long press to select 'input method' & chose HTC IME option, the keyboard wont show on screen...Anyone else having problems with this? thanx
  14. 3G & Background Data

    I think thats the problem tho. My connection to network is is unable to lock on to either 3g or gprs and is flitting between both, Im thinking that while this constant searching for a 3g network is causing the drain...it can lock on 3g for minutes at a time but the phone has to be positioned very akwardly over my head and held very still lol I can only assume this is the case since now the phone is switched to 2g only, the battery seems much better I imagine that since your 3g connection is a stable lockon then your 3g radio is not continually searching/switching & ultimately putting less a demand on the battery i could be barking right up the wrong tree though :) Should say also that my 3g connection is great when im outdoors...just piss poor when indoors Thanx for replying tho mate. Your post kinda adds fuel to what i was already thinking....ie...stable data connection = decent battery
  15. 3G & Background Data

    That sounds healthy mate...When you say 'mobile network enabled' is this a stable 3G connection? Im wondering if the 3g radio continually switching to gprs and vice versa could be having an affect on the battery cheers