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  1. So essentially... like I said about 4 pages ago... it was just a Customer Services muppet without a clue what version it would be on, making it up! Change the tread title, it's horribly misleading :D
  2. Lets not get too excited, this is hardly official yet? Surely it's just someone in customer services who probably doesn't know for sure. The website still says 2.1
  3. T mobile (UK) hacks it's data allowance!

    The last time a telco I was with did this it was orange about 18 months ago, they changed the cost of their 0870 calls (used to be included in their minutes). Turns out I could cancel penatly free, which is nice when you have only been with them a month and have a handset fetching £350 on ebay :D
  4. OSF v HTC Wildfire Question.

    Most shops that sell phones offer a 14 day returns policy, just take it back and say it's not fit for purpose. The missus has a wildfire and she loves hers, that said she came from a k850i so the whole smartphone thing is new to her. That and her usage is pretty much limited to facebook :( Would I swap it for my OLED SF? Not in a million years.
  5. The shot with the orange logo is best way to see, if you can see edges of screen in pitch black, it's TFT.
  6. TFT is backlit, so you have a light that shines through crystals, the crystals change the colour of the light to give you red, green and blue. If they are all blocked (no red, green or blue) then you get black. However the backlight is still on and you will never get 100% black. OLED (all mobiles will be AMOLED as a passive matrix would use too much power), is where individual LEDs (Red Green & Blue) are lit, there is no backlight and to create black they simply all switch off giving a 100% true black. OLED contrast ratio is hugely superior to any LCD. Obviously OLED only uses power when creating a non black so as a result it uses less power. OLED is the better tech (until we get QDLED) ;)
  7. Charged 10p every few minutes

    Ring orange and ask? Sounds like a text message being sent for some reason.
  8. Help with new phone advice / upgrade options

    Your apps are specific to your google account, not your phone, so yes they will transfer.
  9. Help with new phone advice / upgrade options

    HTC Desire Z (has the keyboard), but with better screen processor etc. http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_desire_z-3421.php Not sure on contract, but probably worth waiting a month and getting a new contract (never keen on these early upgrade options).
  10. Blade vs Premium Devices

    Honestly, my friends nexus is considerably better than my san fran, it's noticably quicker in every are and the build quality seems much better. That said, sim free, it's very close to being 5 times as expensive. Is it 5x better? Not even close.
  11. I'm in love

    Interesting concept, but for a developer it must be a nightmare! Imagine the custom roms, for those with wifi but only 5mp camera, without wifi with 12mp, with 4g but no wifi etc etc etc. Personally I am hoping my next phone (after the sanfran) will be greater than 1ghz.
  12. Read through the thread, it's come up several times already.
  13. I tried it, but nothing was there when I clicked input method.