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  1. EXCLUSIVE: More details on LG's forthcoming Nexus

    Then they really should open up their ecosystem to more countries...It's quite boring to just have access to their apps nowadays :(
  2. For those of you that have the permanent gps icon in the status bar, start maps and press back to homescreen again before gps gets sat fix :)
  3. Facebook have been FCing since their last update. By reading the reviews on android market, its obvious that aloooot of ppl have that problem. Sucks that they haven't fixed it yet :) Proximity sensor works fine here. Running the latest stable released today.
  4. I still had the GPS issue after a wipe and the first thing I did after flash was to use maps with GPS, it shut down shortly after. Since yesterday I have been testing a kernel where TomG hardcoded the battery temperature reading to 10C, because its known that temperature reading goes nuts while the phone sleeps. Havent been able to reproduce the bug since then so hopefully the problem is identified. :D
  5. Don't you have OLED? Have you had the GPS shutdown earlier?
  6. I successfully fetched some logs when it shut down, and I too get the: I/ActivityManager( 175): Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.ACTION_REQUEST_SHUTDOWN flg=0x10000000 cmp=android/com.android.server.ShutdownActivity (has extras) } from pid 175 that seems to start the whole shutdown procedure. PID 175 seems to be a process named "system_server".
  7. Brilliant, I didn't think of using the terminal :D Will try it asap.
  8. Any app using the GPS makes it shut down 10-20 minutes after closing down the app. As long as I dont have the USB cable plugged in... So that makes it so much harder to logcat :D When I then pull the cable out, it shuts down within said time.
  9. Damnit. Still having GPS shutdown on RC4...and yes, I did wipe :/
  10. New version of LauncherPro is out, and homescreen is muuuuch smoother now :D
  11. Word. When problems show up its time for a full wipe. Sucks though :D Will probably try with a wipe after work.
  12. Dunno. I came from RC2 -> N21 with wipe of cache and dalvik only. Had three shutdowns (it doesnt restart) till now
  13. Well this sucks, third time the phone shuts down since this morning :/
  14. Hmm, just had a random, err...shutdown. Heard the phone vibrate, and when i tried to wake the screen nothing happend. Then I hold down the power button and then the little green droid showed up. :D