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  1. Help!!! acer liquid e ramdomly reboot!!!

    have you oc?
  2. [ROM] LeoGingerBread's LiquidEdition v5.0 [05/11/11]

    I can't flash this rom(I have full wipe before flash).......it said: Formatting data... format() expects 3 args. got 2 E:error in /sdcard/LeoGB4.28.zip (Status 7) What's wrong with me?
  3. [ROM] Evervol for liquid

    haha...i want more info about this rom also
  4. MIUI 1.3.25 2.3 for Liquid

    If Wi-Fi and Camera Fixed,I must flash this rom!!!!!2.3 miui!!!! Anyway,Good Job!
  5. [ROM] LeoGingerBread's LiquidEdition v5.0 [05/11/11]

    When I turn on the wifi,it will restart and can't turn on the wifi,is only my problem or the rom problem???
  6. [ROM] LeoGingerBread's LiquidEdition v5.0 [05/11/11]

    i also have a problem,i just found i don't have the phone and contect apps...then i try to flash the rom more time but still don't have.....hope somebody can help...THX!!!!!
  7. [ROM] LeoGingerBread's LiquidEdition v5.0 [05/11/11]

    I also still have some problem,any body can help me??thx! 1.when i turn on the wifi,it will restart... 2.i have swap partition...and also used the swapper 2(i have choose to use swap partition)...but i think it can't use because it always kill the launcher pro 3.Launcher pro fc after i boot into the system sorry for my very bad english
  8. [ROM] LeoGingerBread's LiquidEdition v5.0 [05/11/11]

    But it is no mobile signal after i flash the theme...can you help me????THX!!!!
  9. [ROM] LeoGingerBread's LiquidEdition v5.0 [05/11/11]

    I want to ask a question, what MattedBlues theme edition i can flash on this rom???THX!
  10. [ROM] LeoGingerBread's LiquidEdition v5.0 [05/11/11]

    Thanks,i had success to flash the rom, but after i boot into the system,it is no mobile signal,can you help me???
  11. [ROM] LeoGingerBread's LiquidEdition v5.0 [05/11/11]

    i can't flash this rom, it said assert failed: package_extract_file("newboot0.img", "/tmp/boot.img") E:Error in /sdcard/Leogingers'V3.10.zip(Status 7) Installation aborted. Umount FS in main menu and retry. I am a newbie only,I don't know have what problem here,any body can help me???What can i do??? sorry for my bad english!
  12. [ROM] CM7 Liquid (kang) 1.2.18 -CM7RC1-

    My wifi problem is same to you and also i had deleted this thing but still can't connect my ap too!
  13. Two new ROMs from Dario93

    WoW~Good work Dario93,i am downloading now~
  14. Two new ROMs from Dario93

    WoW~Thank Dario93,I want to test the M9 port~