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  1. They stopped offering the OTA update a while ago, not sure why. Some people said that there were a lot of bricked phones from it.
  2. I had a similar problem with mine, the SDcard was faulty. Hook it up to adb and see if you can read logcat.
  3. Huawei themselves say it's TFT in both Y300 and G510 http://www.huaweidev...s/Huawei-G-510/ http://www.huaweidev...i-Ascend-Y-300/ PDF links at the bottom left Must have changed it last minute?
  4. What do you find is faster? opening apps or homescreen scrolling?
  5. It really baffles my as to why they skimped on the RAM, it would be so much more appealing with 1 GB. I guess it's still better than the competition, and that's why.
  6. USB port on the side like the blade, such a great idea.
  7. On my g300 even mid-range 2d games will eat up RAM and start pushing other cached apps out of memory, when you quit there is a noticeable delay while it reloads things. And I'm running GB. View a large webpage or start multi tasking and there's a risk your launcher will get pushed. You could probably get away with it, and from a blade it will be like night and day but it is still something to consider and not just FUD.
  8. Sale of goods act, items must be free from minor defects. Lots of stuff on the net about SoGA and most places are good with returns within 30 days.
  9. I can only see them on a white screen, but you definitely don't stop noticing them.
  10. I got it for £55 at Tesco and it's great on Gingerbread, it's basically an incredibly stable ROM with no issues at all. Snappy enough for most tasks, a bit let down by only 512MB RAM but you still can't beat it for <£100. Build quality isn't great, but a few quid for a case and you're sorted.
  11. Some of them are for the swype feature of touchpal.
  12. Seems decent for the price, new chip, new graphics core, front camera, slightly smaller/lighter. But Huawei...
  13. Looks like they moved them to a dedicated huawei section.
  14. Update on HauweiDeviceUK facebook page

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