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  1. Thanks mate :) Is there any way of playing videos over 3G via the iplayer website rather than the iplayer app?
  2. Neat :) Installed flash 10.2 - iplayer (web) now playing videos over wifi. Anyone know how to force iplayer to play over a 3G connection? Blade gen1, Swedish Spring RLS5
  3. eyespy (aka Steve)

    Is my battery a lost cause?

    I might be having delusions but I'm sure that since installing 'Adfree Android' from the market my battery life has imporoved.
  4. eyespy (aka Steve)

    Dropbox for Android - Get an extra 250MB by signing up here!

    Cudos to the developers of Dropbox - I've seen similar before but nothing this neat :) join up... join up... click here for an extra 250Mb of space :) or follow the url: http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTEzMjY1NjQ1OQ
  5. I'm not experiencing any jerkiness - it's smooth scrolling for me :)
  6. Correct - except if you had previously installed one of paul's ROMs there would be no need to reinstall the boot loader - just rename the gz file to 'mcri-system.tar.gz' and copy it to the root of your SD then reboot - job done :)
  7. eyespy (aka Steve)

    MIcro SD card for San Fran

    The "gift code" box is where I entered BACKFORGOOD a few days ago - worked for me - maybe the code has expired. There's 4% cash back via quidco although mine didn't track - probably because I used the code.
  8. eyespy (aka Steve)

    Post your Home screen!

    They're included in the Beautiful Widgets app.
  9. eyespy (aka Steve)

    Post your Home screen!

    My efforts: posted via my android :)
  10. eyespy (aka Steve)

    Paul Reviews... the Orange San Francisco

    Top review Paul. I've had the phone a few days and what impresses me the most is the speed of internet browsing - I find it lightning fast both over WiFi and 3G+ - add in the superb screen and the internet experience on this device is very nice :lol: Bit of a downer about the FM radio only playing over headphones - could this be fixed with a software mod?
  11. eyespy (aka Steve)

    anyone got it working on XP?

    Yes, You'll be able to connect the phone as a mass storage device but for anything else you'll need the WindowsXP drivers which seem to be eluding everyone at the mo.