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  1. HTC One A9: Hands On

    It was 642$taxed and delivered in Canadian dollars shipped to Montreal. Pre order discounted price at that. Best in hand feel since the M8 in my opinion. For a mid ranger its surprisingly smooth and fluid in day to day use. Good battery life. Great battery life considering thesize. Camera is good OEM accessories are rare and extravagantly priced. Ebay to the rescue...
  2. Our guide to importing from China

    This is a great service Paul, Thanks!
  3. Worked for me! Hope I got the "trick" question right...
  4. The HTC tablet that never was

    Was this delayed to become the Nexus 10-2?
  5. The HTC One (M8) is available to buy today

    I ordered mine today from Telus in Canada. Came with a 9000 mah battery pack and a case and their Bluetooth fob.
  6. Hands on: Pebble rocks!

    Nice write up Paul. This notifier extender is great. And it tells time too!
  7. I am typing this on my nexus 7 with Swype, I am a Swiftkey Flow user. Going for a week, installed on a few of my Androids. The syncing between user dictionaries is the take home feature for me.
  8. ok well my previous build flash failed too, so back to stock and then r11 again. I had been using the Modaco launcher with landscape support.
  9. I'm getting 'system UI not responding', no status bar, even after full wipes. recooking now. Recooked...same 'Unfortunately, System UI has stopped... Reverting to previous build.
  10. MCMCR r11 for the GNEX downloaded. Weekend test drive to commence around 16:00 eastern. Franco kernel and Rogers baseband in tow. Thank you Paul, for the Friday ROM playday :-)
  11. r7 is silky smooth with Franco Kernel here. I would use adblock if it became available.
  12. Fingers crossed for an r8. It is Friday! ;-)

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