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  1. Is the theme still working on the MM ROMs and with the Google Now Launcher?
  2. I am getting stuck at the CM booting screen. I am using the latest TWRP. Any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks
  3. What is the latest version of thisROM?
  4. Is there anyone who can sent me the N7 to Germany ;-)
  5. I had the same problem, all buttons away. Hopfully CWM Backup ftw :rolleyes:
  6. I flashed the modded 4x5 launcher without the Google search on the top and the "Both sides with search + menu button active when not visible" zip. Now I have the problem that I only get the menu button on the left side and never on both. Is there a solution? Thanks a lot
  7. Is it necessary to do a full wipe or is it enough to wipe the dalvik cache?
  8. How can I move the apps too the ext3 partion on the SD card. I just formatted 512MB on the SD card as ext3. Do I need a special kernel? Thanks
  9. Hello community I'm using the Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 with the Blue Gingerbread Thin Circle Theme. Everything works really fine, but I am missing the service provider name (see pic) I am using the german provider "maXXim" which is using the T-mobile network Is there anybody who can help me with this problem? Thanks a lot and greetings form Germany
  10. Is there a huge difference between Swedish Spring RLS5 and Japanese Jellyfish RLS9? Should I upgrad from form JJ9 to Swedish 5? Thanks
  11. Hello guys, I'm using the JJ9 with the Blue Gingerbread Thin Circle Theme but I'm missing the provides name! (see the pic) Any ideas? I'm grateful for any help Thanks and greetings from Germany