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  1. From the homescreen pushing and holding on the 'menu' capacitive button brings up google search with the cards shown below. Not quite 'now' but almost... Edit... Actually this only seems to be the case using an alternative launcher (I'm using Nova). with the default Huawei launcher it does not work
  2. Thanks for that, it's worked for me (I am using the franco kernal if that makes a difference).In developer options ticked 'Advanced Boot' then when I select Reboot, having long pressed the power button, takes me to another menu where I get the option to Reboot, Recovery or bootloader.
  3. Strange one for me with the battery, it's not been great, I lost 30% this afternoon in about 2 hour sporadiclay refreshing the BBC website for the rugby score and a bit of twitter. Despite not turning Bluetooth on since installing r7 it is showing as using over 50% of the battery and being on for 49 days 17 hours?! (It was a dirty flash from RJ8 clearing nothing and then flashing the Franco kernal).
  4. dirty flash from JR8 to R7, nothing cleared. Everything checked so far works apart from getting FCs on the standard email app. Using it with Hotmail with exchange. Cleared data and cache, rebooted and all fine once the account details were re-entered. Strangely, although i'm sure I did not have it selected the Trebuchet launcher made an appearance. Thanks for all your wok Paul
  5. Downloading now ;) Will test and report any issues
  6. What_The_Fox_Hat

    SwiftKey Flow Beta released

    Just had an update on the play store for SwiftKey that has added the flow feature. Official now?
  7. What_The_Fox_Hat

    How a 16GB Nexus 7 can work out at an effective £167.50

    Yup - Tesco was good for me (as a new registered customer). 16GB Nexus 7 at Tesco Direct (collect from store) = £199.00 £10 off for new registered customer = £189.00 5% cashback via Quidco based on price before VAT (rate expires in 3 days) = £181.44 £15 free Google Play credit = £166.44 $10 Google Wallet credit = £159.99
  8. How about a different direction altogether - SE Xperia X10? The bootloader, although not cracked, has been bypassed and there are a number of ROMs available on XDA and guides to remove the bloatware, but more importantly there will be an official 2.3.3 update end Q2 beginning Q3. It has a 1ghz processor, 1 gig of internal storage and a great camera but no FM radio i'm very happy with mine :unsure:
  9. What_The_Fox_Hat

    Yes I Really Bricked MY Advent Vega

    It IS IMPOSSIBLE to brick the Advent Vega!! Had a quick look at this thread http://android.modaco.com/content-page/324...erhaps/page/20/ post no. 24 and had a go at different combinations of pulling/plugging cables and lo and behold - I got into recovery. I've now flashed a stock 1.09 ROM and shall be leaving things alone (for a little while at least) PS - definitely feel free to mock now :)
  10. What_The_Fox_Hat

    Yes I Really Bricked MY Advent Vega

    At the cost of feeling the wrath of all those who say Nay, Nay and thrice Nay - I seem to have done a pretty good job of (...ducks..) bricking my Vega :) . Having run Pauls r8 ROM for some time I thought it was time to try something different. I did a nandroid and flashed the CM7 nightly 4 rom and used for a short while but as I am taking it away on a trip next week (or was :) ) and want to use my Huawei E220 dongle with it, I moved onto the CorvusVegaRom_0.5 rom. I did all the required wiping etc and it was up and running well for about 24 hours. I then wanted to test the dongle but could not get the Vega to boot into host mode using the instructions on the thread (i.e. - Start in host mode (back button pressed until vega boots) with 3g dongle inserted etc etc). I then proceeded to download the USB Mode Switcher APK and ran that.......this is where my problems started. The Vega went to reboot, I saw the backlight come on with the message 'booting' but then nothing - it just hang with the backlight on. I tried rebooting to no avail several times (the booting message no longer appears) so the next thing I tried is to get into recovery mode (back 2s, power 2s etc) but have failed miserably. Since last night I have tried over and over and over and then again!! and again!! No matter what I try as soon as I push the power button (while holding the back button in for 2s) the backlight comes on. Whether I release it straight away or hold for 2s it makes no difference. Each time this happens I hold the power button down for over 6s to make sure it is completely off and I even let the battery drain completely overnight to make sure it was off - still, no luck. One thing I have noticed is that if i plug in the dongle now the lights come on which suggests it is in host mode - don't know if this is an issue? Does anyone have any suggestions - feel free to mock me if you feel that is productive :)
  11. What_The_Fox_Hat

    Question About White ZTE Blade

    How would the case cover affect the type of ROM you can flash? The answer is yes i believe - it certainly works on my white San Fran (TFT screen)
  12. I had this issue as well, but specificly when I tried to download via WIFI (before I had set my APN to connect by 3g). I could get into the market search etc but when I went to download it failed. I then set my APN, connected by 3g and was able to download. Once I had done that I switched back to WIFI and was able to download. I also have Telefonica O2 UK Limited on my lockscreen (instead of just O2 as with 9a) and No-frills CPU control fails. I had a number of apps reappear despite doing a full wipe - I assume they were on my ext2 partition as when I formatted that they dissappeared. This is overall excellent - fast in all aspects and WIFI has proved to be far more stable, thanks flibblesan ps - Mine is a San Francisco OLED phone
  13. What_The_Fox_Hat

    GPS Navigation on the Vega

    +1 you were determined to crack this and it certainly works for me. Nice 1
  14. Hi Paul, I notice that in the R8 kitchen, under 3rd Party apps, there are 2 entries for screen calibration? Wanted to say as well thanks for your work in making this thing sing! WTFoxHat
  15. What_The_Fox_Hat

    GPS Navigation on the Vega

    Hi there, have the same setup as you and have the same issue - click on Navigate it displays a pop-up saying 'GPS is Disabled - Show location settings OK? but in addition i started hearing directions being given verbally. Tried opening 'Maps' app but got the same message as before. Then opened 'Latitude' app and could see the map including the route plotted! Unfortunately i didn't have the opportunity to go driving to see if the verbal commands continued but I assume they would have. Not sure if that's any help but it does seem the navigation is working in the background, just need to find a way to skip the popup message.