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  1. I'm just wondering if I can try updating my Huawei g300 to ics whilst I wait for the unlock code?
  2. Just got one of these as for £80 from Voda and waiting for the unlock code...simple question, can I remove all the voda bloat and update to ICS before it's unlocked, please? I'm on giffgaff. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, apart from this one major design fault it would be ideal, but unfortunately it's not. FAIL ;) Can anyone report if the sohogopher ones are any better?
  4. Just got my new case, quick delivery and well packed thanks!. Case fit is quite snug, BUT the USB keeps popping out, so I'm either going to have to go and buy a craft knife and make the cut out bigger or keep taking the case off and on to insert the USB - surely this will stretch the case? Has anyone else had the same problem?
  5. Just bought one from Timeblast - cheers for the heads up everyone! Will be eagerly awaiting the Postie for the next few days so I can finally junk the crappy one I had on mine. Don't know if anyone else has mentioned this (have searched and come up with nowt), but ecloths (which you can get from most supermarkets) are brilliant for cleaning your screen before applying a protector. They're also excellent for cleaning your glasses if your a bit short-sighted like me...
  6. Custom ringtones and notifications

    Sorted - nice one ta!

    I'd be interested depneding on price please?
  8. Ok thanks - think I'll revert to the r5 versh anyway, I liked that button!
  9. I've just updated to the fat version of r6 from r5, but I'm having a couple of problems: In the previous version, I turned off the data connection using the following: Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Data connection? But I can't find it in this version - can someone point me in the direction of it or advise me how to do it please? (I also use the apn app, but I prefer to be able to alter the settings manually). I'm on Virgin mobile. I'm not keen on the new keyboard - how do I get the one that was in r5? Thanks in advance and big thanks to Seb for his hard work!
  10. Couldn't get titanium to work - it kept saying it wasn't rooted, but I thought I'd rooted it to apply all this stuff? I gave up in the end and just grabbed what I could.
  11. Do I need to leave the zip files on my sd card? I'd backed up my apps to my sd card using on the fly - how do I get them back onto the phone please?
  12. Essential Android Software

    I've imported and corrected my contacts in gmail, but weirdly on the SF handset, when I go into edit mode the whole address is all in the box for the first line of the address and the rest of the fields are blank - is this just a bug? Is there anyway to change the format of the birthdays on the handset? They are correct on gmail, ie 16 July 2010, but on the handset, it shows up as 2010-07-16, it may only be a minor detail but it irritates the hell out of me! As for the calendar, how do I change the default setting on the telephone - I don't want it to show month view, I want week or day? Unfortunately, as someone else said it doesn't seem to be able to sync over USB. Thanks!
  13. Share your camera pics here

    Thank you - that wasn't very obvious!
  14. Share your camera pics here

    Er, how do I get the photos I've taken off my phone and onto the PC - I can't find the files on the SF anywhere??? Eeeek :) !