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  1. Install methods tested: * Recovery installed with Recovery Manager * Flash Image using Android Terminal Emulator $ flash_image recovery recovery.img (with recovery-clockwork- renamed as recovery.img Both methods give the same debug info in Recovery Manager. And... Currently installed Recovery: Unrecognised (With updated database) -- Recovery Manager, Debug Info DEBUG INFO: version: v0.35b device: blade recovery partiton: mtd0: 00480000 00020000 recovery md5: 85d509f77546e1bf2f89efceaa35e614 firmware md5: 62aff9524cfd71da7f89602f858aa898 -- -- Recovery Info installed recovery: recovery-clockwork- image size: 3772416 bytes recovery image from nandroid backup nandroid.md5: "85d509f77546e1bf2f89efceaa35e614 recovery.img" $ cp recovery.img recovery_tc.img $ truncate -s 3772416 recovery_tc.img $ md5sum recovery-clockwork- recovery_tc.img 4b949d51c54501e1a3dd0a4c6095766e recovery-clockwork- 4b949d51c54501e1a3dd0a4c6095766e recovery_tc.img -- {CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC1-Blade} installed ok (directly using the installed recovery). And it works as expected. The backup of the original firmware (unmodified) was also ok, but I have not tried to restore it. Tested ok with "$ md5sum -c nandroid.md5" after copying the backup. So there seems to be a different size for the Recovery part of the NAND filesystem.??. for some of the ZTE Blades. This device: Orange SF with OLED screen.
  2. USB plug?

    You could use a USB cable with two type A connectors. (Like for those 2.5" external HDDs.) (Huawei Long 82 Cm Mini USB ASSISTANT POWER Data Cable) But note that this cable won't fit, because it should be one with a micro-b connector.
  3. Did you use the included USB cable? Probably not this issue, but if it is... USB Cable, Issue Could this mode be different in the requirements of connection quality. Different kind of data transfer etc. What is required for this recovery mode to work? Software/HW. USB host mode?
  4. I couldn't find a thread about this, so here it is. USB cable connector, no good Related issues, could be: USB plug? Mains charger problem!?! But probably not this. USB disabled in recovery mode?
  5. USB plug?

    USB from host is only 500 mA. As I remember. Could be more, depends on you hub/mb/card etc. So it doesn't have to be a problem with your USB cable. But check for this issue: USB cable connector, no good That increases the charge time, as the voltage drops (with more resistance).