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  1. PeterPandroid

    No media audio (+ring,alarm,sms..) but in-call sound ok

    I restored the stock virgin code - the sound seems to have reliably recovered. So I am suspicious of the root method thread. It was immediately after that I lost the media-sound, alarms & ringer, through the the mobile's speaker
  2. On a couple of Android mobiles I have found the official Twitter app frustratingly jumps to the top of the timeline; skipping unread messages and leading to frequent manual scrolling to locate the previous reading position. The trigger seems to be the accelerometer which, picking-up on a rotation, jumps to the top of the timeline in addition to the providing the expected screen rotation. My temporary remedy is to disable 'Auto-Rotate screen" (settings | device | display) It's a pain because if you have a lot of messages to catch-up on you've got to ensure the mobile stays vertical.
  3. PeterPandroid

    No media audio (+ring,alarm,sms..) but in-call sound ok

    Yes, that was me TimDE, I'd thought there was a prior post, soon after the first reported root operation, where someone mentioned the sound issue. I'll browse HUKD again, see if I can find it this time. aha...here: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/zte-blade-v-4-quad-core-payg-phone-99-99-inc-10-topup-virgin-mobile-81-99-store-1646234?p=19037552 ...but no reference to it relating to the root. Waiting now to see if that contributor found a remedy. Re the 'healing' comment - just wondering if Android devices run any kind of health-check watchdog code. Something I read some dull business servers claim to do.
  4. PeterPandroid

    No media audio (+ring,alarm,sms..) but in-call sound ok

    As I described it. it does sound like a hardware fault but I am certain it isn't because along with the speaker failure YouTube throws an error ("Unfortunately YouTube has stopped"). I can fix the latter by reinstalling You Tube from the PlayStore I also recall seeing that comment re sound loss, post root, on HUKD but couldn't find it again after a long trawl though the ZTE Blade V thread. Thanks for reminding me that I wasn't imagining things.
  5. ZTE Blade VVirgin 4.1.2 Has anyone else experienced failure of the media audio through the internal speaker on this mobile? I lose all ring, alarm,sms,media but the in-call phone audio is ok Rooted as-per the instructions over at XDA. The media audio sometimes 'heals' itself and works normally. At all times it works when bypassing the internal speaker, routed to headphones and over Bluetooth A2DP. Root method used. from XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2403230
  6. PeterPandroid

    USB OTG supported?

    I hoped that, by now, all newer Android mobiles would support USB On-The-Go (OTG) but so far my attempts at accessing various devices through a powered USB hub has failed. Is USB OTG not supported on the ZTE Blade V? ZTE's UK support said it was supported in my first call but two further calls later they where unsure what OTG was and suggested I contact the retailer. ... The guy at the Virgin store was fascinated when he saw it working on a Samsung but couldn't get any recognition of my OTG adapter on a couple of Blade V's
  7. So out of the blue, last night, YouTube fails with the dialog message: "Unfortunately, YouTube has stopped" "Report/OK" Choosing Report delivers: "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped" Opening Google Play directly works normally. Media Audio via the built-in speaker has also gone. However, Phone Audio works via its usual earpiece. Both Phone & Media Audio work via a headset. Ringer and Alarms don't sound.
  8. Gen 1, SanFrancisco / stock On starting my SF's Bluetooth facility it just goes into a loop, constantly switching on and off repeatedly in a 10 second pattern. Maybe a hardware ussue? Has anyone else heard of this problem?
  9. PeterPandroid

    Bluetooth keyboards?

    I'm using the Apple A1314 a ThinkOutside folding and a Maplin N03JA. All bluetooth keyboards work but I prefer the sleek Apple device. You'll need the Bluekeyboard JP app.
  10. PeterPandroid

    dont update myplayer!

    Now here's an odd thing. I ran latest update Myplayer via WiFi on a neighbour's BT Online connection and it worked. First time ever, I've never had it working on my WiFi (usual port 554 complaint), or GiffGaff's 3G.
  11. Hi Lister, They told me the courier would exchange just the phone, no psu, headphones, battery, SIM et al. They weren't forthcoming about what I'd get in exchange, though I did ask. At the time I was bothered, perhaps wrongly, that I would lose my OLED version. Anyway, the swapover didn't happen in the end. I got cold feet with having just 24 hours to figure out how to make the necessary backups and the broken power switch seemed to be gradually coming back to life. I called to Orange to cancel the swapover, which they could not rearrange, but suggested I should tell the courier of the new plan on their arrival. Odd, but their rules! - The courier was fine about it. I've gleaned the utilities I would need to perform backup of my notes and messages from this thread, but I'll look into Clockwork, thanks for the suggestion. Pp
  12. Oh! My Market / MyApps only shows 'Installed' and its star rating alongside each app. Maybe a limitation of Android 2.1 that I am running?
  13. All sounds good. So to clarify, for instance, I have PowerAmp and another app which arrived on purchase called PowerAmpUnlocker. You're suggesting that on re-downloading PowerAmp the seperate unlocker app will be automatically downloaded? Also, are there steps I should take to wipe the phone's Google account credentials before I return it? Lastly, though not essential, it would be nice to copy across my SMS messages, notepad items and such like,. Is this possible?