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  1. hmm that's odd most other companies do not face such an issue with their screen electronics, all I know is It looks appalling. To be honest I feel the whole look is mediocre at best from a design perspective. Pretty chunky, wasted space, weird chamfer etc. When it comes to building hardware I think HTC has been eclipsed by the likes of oppo, vivo, meizu, xiaomi, huwaei although it is nice to see HTC bouncing back a bit with a decent spec and cameras, overpriced though.
  2. 'The new HTC 10 with unique misaligned home button and additional acre of space above, designed exclusively in collaboration with Stevie Wonder'
  3. Yeah got DPI scaler on Cyanogen on my one plus. Probably the only good thing about the garbage that is Cyanogen.
  4. So sad to see HTC reduced to this. Its obvious from this that they have serious management problems. Whoever green lighted this is completely out of touch. They took away all the subtle design cues (the back curve, the camera sensor shape, the antenna band shapes, the front speakers, the side curves etc etc) of the M7/M8/M9 design and replaced them with a straight iPhone clone design. You don't have to be a designer like me, anyone can see this is not an evolution of their design language it is a lazy clone of the iPhone. Really sad to see a company of HTC's calibre so brazenly plagiarise a design rather than actually build on your own solid design foundation. Why did they feel they needed to do this? All the biggest tech sites in the world talking about the fact this looks exactly like an iphone clone, instead of its new features, unique design or innovative function. How is being seen as unoriginal good for publicity when we all know this phone will not stack up to the iphone both in public perception or in real world performance? Then they add a whole load of bezel on the front above the fingerprint sensor for the logo. That is what is known as wasteful sloppy design. I would really like to see HTC return to focussing on product design and acting like the pioneer and innovator it once was rather than acting like a desperate underdog which lacks the design talent or ideas to produce interesting and innovative products any more.
  5. Good to have podcast back btw
  6. @nortools needs to get an Meizu MX5. I got a meizu m1 mini, it's incredible for the price....
  7. Thing i love about cyanogen is how they went from a stalwart in the community genuinely caring about the android experience and trying to improve on googles AOSP roms etc to a smack talking bunch of corporate skum bags trying to wrestle Android away from the very people they owe their whole existence to and continue to owe all their updates and continued prosperity too. The irony is that they are basically irrelevant now. I don't even know why companies are paying them for software, when they could just install AOSP and be done with it, cyanogen is not that much better in reality. Also Cyanogen clearly lack the expertise of big manufacturers to produce properly optimised and impressive camera software, i'm not that impressed at all by the one plus camera considering what other companies have done with the Sony IMX214 sensor. Not to mention the fact that all big manufacturers roms have theme engines now, are highly customisable etc etc. Just don't see the point of their existence any more. Maybe they might be of use to some chinese oems that lack the experience in their own rom teams but cyanogen have no original software of their own, they've done essentially nothing but add some customisation options to android and now have aspirations to offer a cut down sub par android experience without google. Very bizarre strategy IMHO.
  8. Struggling to find any reason as to why you would buy this over the oneplus, the Kirin 925 is long in the tooth now too.
  9. Eying up an import at the minute. £228 shipped 32gb with gPlay onboard, not ideal but not too bad when you consider an ipad mini 16gb is £319. Will probably order at some point though as nokia are sounding pretty cagey about an EU release. Clucking to get my hands on one, I was close to grabbing an Nvidia shield a while back after the Nexus 7 got nabbed, but after this was announced I just knew it had to be, 4:3/all metal/decent price/lollipop/strong gpu is basically an anomaly in the android world. Only shortcoming is lack of storage but not a deal breaker for me. Quite funny the way they highlight the alignment of the back camera, kind of right though, improvement over the ipad for sure. Although its close to an iPad mini 3 externally, whats amazing is how similar internally this is too, with what i'd imagine to be exactly the same display and the fact the atom soc uses the same Power VR GPU used in the Apple A8. Not a bad thing though in my mind, iPad mini design is nice and something similar without the restrictions of iOS is a winner.
  10. Yeah just from this brief comparison, i'm thinking samsung may have actually owned this, combined with the OIS tests, can't wait for an in depth. Would be great to see sammy truly burn the iphone .
  11. Meh, id take a Xiaomi Redmi 2 or Meizu M1 Note over these anyday. Don't really fancy a display under 300 PPI either. That Moto E is criminally ugly
  12. Yeah lets hope so, still think manufacturers can do better. Sony are really showing android manufacturers the way at the moment but they need to seriously consider updating their skin, looks so tired and out of step with the material design goodness of Lolipop. Plus Nvidia just posted a video announcing lollipop will officially be hitting the shield this month! That may be too good to resist....with nvidia appearing to be bang on top of updates i'm finding it even harder to justify spending an extra £160 for 0.9 inches, 2mm slimmer and a 64bit cpu considering how often I update this stuff. I know its a cliche to bang on about aswell, but why are there still very few if any metal backed android tablets from the big manufacturers? Why are android manufacturers just so reluctant to do it even on a high end product? I used to think it was a manufacturing restriction yet you can buy at least 2 or 3 different budget Prestigo tablets at maplin all with metal backs.
  13. Yeah I actually agree with you that 4:3 8.9 inch is a perfect size for me. I found my nexus 7 just too small and didn't really enjoy web browsing on it at all. The problem is that after reading these reviews I am still reluctant to spend £400 on the Nexus 9 and am essentially left with options which are not ideal. I got my mum a Mipad a while back and i like the form factor and the screen a lot despite it being smaller, was considering it as a viable alternative. BUT after using it there are just some glaring deal breaking issues. Most notably the fact so many apps are incompatible or don't work properly. Instagram: incompatible 4OD: Streams don't work at all iPlayer Radio: Streams don't work properly Archos Video Player: crash on start up. The list goes on and on. I know I can side load APK's for incompatible apps but its annoying for updates. Also MIUI on mipad is still ropey and a bit unstable and to be honest i don't trust their engineers to smooth out problems without introducing new ones. Their OTA system for international roms doesn't work properly either. Then of course the huge elephant in the room, weather it will get lollipop, knowing xiaomi it will be a damn long time if at all. Ideally wanted a stock experience and the guarantee of lollipop so the only option I am left with is the nVidia shield really. Which looks OK but it's a little chunky and would prefer 4:3. Just annoying really, did't think a stock rom, 5.0 update, 4:3 over 7 inches and a realistic price tag was too much to ask for but I appear to be wrong...
  14. Thanks for the review Paul, interesting conclusions. Sadly this seems to be the most positive review I have seen so far. The verge, engadget, gizmodo, android police and a couple of others I read we're far more scathing suggesting a decent yet not amazing screen, decent but not amazing build, fairly weak or average battery performance, weak cameras and a device which essentially is not really worth the price tag especially when attempting to share a price bracket with the ipad. Also hoped lollipop would be the lag free ultra smooth android I seem to have waited my whole life for but again I feel this has fallen short. Really quite disappointed to be honest, I was actually willing to entertain the idea of paying £400 (an incredible £80 more than the 16gb to get a paltry 32gb) for an android tablet but from reading the reviews i'll be getting an Nvidia shield I think or just waiting. in fact I would have just bought a hudl 2 if they guaranteed a lollipop update but that seems unlikely. The saddest thing about it all is that it makes me realise that android tablets are still half baked and they are still not worth investing that much money in. The facebook app thing you mention as well is just criminal. As a big facebook user how can i justify spending £400 then end up being forced to use a blown up mobile app? What amazes me about google is how year after year I get excited and expect great things from the nexus line and each time they fall short. It's also amazing how they are clearly attempting to challenge the iPad head on especially when you consider the size/price and then they release something so average and boring and unpolished at launch. Hearing reports of camera shutter delay, bending if you press the back plate, cheap feeling side buttons, slow when changing orientation, lagging OS etc. Fine on a £200 device, on a £400 one though with the stakes as high as they are, doesn't inspire confidence. Sounds like i'm highlighting just the negatives and having not actually been hands on I am being clearly presumptuous, it's just sad to hear reports like this when you see the price tag and consider the opportunity they had with HTC building it.
  15. Can you tell me weather the the mipad or the Nexus 9 seems like the better deal?

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