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  1. myfeetsmell

    ZTE Blade's bigger brother

    It does look better than the blade,bigger screen, better build quality plus better camera not sure if there will be a flash though. Plus arent they releasing it with gingerbread.
  2. myfeetsmell

    Strange Flash Problem

    Seems like it was something on the sd card but trying to find out what sorting through all thats on the mrs 16gb card, any ideas what it might be causing the booting problem on the sd card, the card isnt damaged as it read/writes ok.
  3. myfeetsmell

    Strange Flash Problem

    Thanks for your advice guys, Steve I tried rebooting without the sd card and the first time it got one step further to the Modaco boot screen, then tried again and loaded up the lock screen but then froze and then finally on the third attempt i have it up and running, just trying to see how it goes when titanium restore done, thanks again steve for the tip. Also csholmq i dont have much knowledge of adb and dont know how to create a dump any noob tutorials around so i can get into it and learn. Lixcab i didnt even notice that on Paul`s rom so if it goes pearshaped ill give that a try too. Thanks again guys for your tips and ill update when titanium has finished. cheers Phil
  4. myfeetsmell

    Strange Flash Problem

    any thoughts or ideas guys ??
  5. myfeetsmell

    Strange Flash Problem

    Thanks for your reply funieski, as far as aware it was able to wipe the ext partition, didnt show any failures in the process but will double check Update: Just wiped the phone in clockwork and it shows successful wipe of the sdext, so no joy there, this is really odd as we bought the phones at the same time so should be no problems. he says ha ha
  6. Hi guys I firstly wanna say thanks to everyone for all the great work here, I have learnt so much since subscribing to this site. I have been updating the roms on my san fran with no problems at all, currently running Paul`s r11 with great results. The problem I have is with my wifes San Fran, the last successful rom i have managed to flash her phone with is pauls MCR alpha 3. I have tried with several different updated roms but with no luck. I have been using clockwork which I updated a couple of days ago, and have been trying to install pauls froyo r11 same as mine, but when the phone reboots it just stays at the initial boot screen with nothing happening, I have been wiping the phone with clockwork prior to install, but still with no results. We have done a backup so we can return to the alpha 3 rom that was the last good install, but would like to move the mrs phone forward. The current rom build showing on the phone is UNI_CN_V880 1.0 (MCR alpha 3). Any ideas guys would be greatly appreciatted Thanks Phil
  7. If you could upload your files mate would be very greatful, looks great
  8. myfeetsmell

    [Splash] Nice Android splash.

    the green droid isnt my boot animation as i am on pauls r4 and i replace the animation with another one from the forum. So when i boot the phone i get your splash screen then the green droid followed by my own boot ani, strange huh
  9. myfeetsmell

    [Splash] Nice Android splash.

    Thanks for the splash screen Frankish just put it on mine via fastboot, but i now get both your splash screen and the green droid after. Any ideas cheers Phil
  10. myfeetsmell

    dont update myplayer!

    Thanks for the hint mate, been trying that linkie but keeps failing as if its gone, unless there are that many peeps trying to download it ha ha figured it out now very strange, wouldnt download while my phone was plugged into usb?? Thanks again guys
  11. myfeetsmell

    dont update myplayer!

    Hi guys i made the mistake of updating too, but been looking for 4share and not having much luck, can anyone help
  12. Thanks for your help guys, i have tried several different sd cards in the phone including the one from my mrs phone which works fine in hers but still no joy with mine. Been on the phone to orange today, god what a farce, guy kept trying to get me to constantly tale out the battery sim and sd card and try rebooting, then got advised to visit an orange store to let them look, who then tell me there is nothing they can do except phone customer services again and go through all the farce of trying different things to get the phone working. To top it off when he realised it wouldnt work he then says phone back on monday as they cant order a replacement handset on weekends??? can you belive that. Oh yeh the payg help desk is in a foriegn country by the way, on weekends anyway so made it more difficult. Lets see what monday brings ha ha
  13. HI Fran yeh the phone does connect to the laptop with no problems and you can root it with whichever method you choose, it always comes up as successful but when you reboot the phone it just sticks at the green bot and goes no further, no animations or anything. I have tried with clockwork mod when booting by holding down the volume button and power button but doesnt go to the clockwork menu, just still sticks at the green bot
  14. hiya Fransisco tried that but with no joy. it seems it cant get any further than the bot still Might have to bite the bullet and risk sending it back to orange
  15. thanks for your help though mate really appreciate it