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  1. john306

    strange thing after switch off

    You cant get much easier than Z4 root from the market.
  2. john306

    Froyo Lagfix

    My SGS is running the latest official JPO, I have it rooted and applied the OCLF 2 too, and I notice a big improvement in speed, opening "weather bug" for instance used to take 4 to 5 seconds, now its instant
  3. john306

    Low Camera Quality

    Well your photos are coming up as 0.3mp 640x480 The "other" phones you linked are 4.9mp 2560x1920 Indoors are never going to be great on a phone camera. You have presumably set for 5mp and superfine, and taken the protective film off the lens? Just asking ;)
  4. john306

    Samsung Galaxy 3 Lagfix

    He only posted the once, came back on next day, never been seen again
  5. john306

    Galaxy S froyo performance

    My Quadrant results on my SGS upgrade which came with 2.2 FROYO was about 900, once I applied the lag fix it went to about 1900, the Nexus One 2.2 score is about the 1300 mark. I don't know how accurate these readings are or how they relate to real life usage but mine definately feels much
  6. john306

    Latest firmware for SIM-free SGS??

    Had my Orange SGS 3 days ago, came unlocked/no branding. It had 2.2 FROYO.XXJPO.
  7. I transferred my £10 sim over to another Orange sim, just phone customer services
  8. Yes, if you click on the photo in the link I gave you can see the button at the top of the unit that answers/ends calls
  9. john306

    Swype replacement keyboard

    Do as Ally Weir says but first tick the box in..... Settings > Language and Keyboards
  10. Yes there is an answer/end button on the control, it can also skip fw/rev through the songs on the phone It uses the same charger connector as the SF. I just use the mains of the usb one although the mains charges faster. I used to have the radio on the SF about 6 to 7 hours per day, thats now off and I have bluetooth on instead and come home with loads more % battery that previously.
  11. Last couple of weeks I've been using this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-Ericsson-MW-6...0055&sr=8-1 I'm outside all day and listen to radio which this bluetooth has so saves wasting the battery on the phone, very good sound too.
  12. john306

    Notification LED

    Well that sounds logical, so I just turned off mylock, switched off the screen, rang the phone and it woke up, went back to sleep and notification led was on for 10 seconds then off again, I then switched mylock on again , put phone to "sleep" screen off and the led started flashing again, so there is a bonus to mylock. Oh yes my battery now is lasting easily the day, thats with Bluetooth on and about 2+ hours of calls, I just charge it anyway once I'm home.
  13. john306

    Notification LED

    Don't know what you mean by " isn't actually going to sleep" and " Its shutting down the screen only", in my limited knowledge, isn't that the same thing? Is there any more modes than On, Off and Sleep? I use mylock so a press on any of the 3 front buttons will wake it.
  14. john306

    Notification LED

    Well I've just rang my phone from another while the SF was off charge and screen off, as soon as it started ringing then the screen light up, then after 1 min went off, but still got the back button flashing for missed call.