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  1. is the screen really sensitive? or do you have to put down hard on the screen? is it as good as the wildfire's sensitivity to touch?
  2. hey thankyou all for the help, i will be buying a san franisco:) but just one thing how do i get rid of all the orange crap? is it easy?
  3. thanks but is the build quality anywhere as good as the wildfire?
  4. yes it is, but no one gave a clear answer. so i need an owner of both the phones to tell me:) thanks for your help anyway.
  5. I have read the great reviews of both the phones, i am soon getting one but dont know which one to choose, wildfire or SF? can someone who has used or has both phones tell me which one is better:) much appreciated
  6. hello, i just read the review of the san francisco, and it looks like a decent phone, however im buying a phone soon and im stuck between the SF and the htc wildfire:/ can anyone who has used or has both phones tell me which one is better and, why? thankyou very much:)
  7. Can ayone who has the htc widfire and the SF or has used both tell me which one is better? thankyou:)

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