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  1. bandreasz

    A day with the Nexus 4 - Initial thoughts

    The original headset of the Galaxy Nexus can do this with one button. At least with the GN.
  2. bandreasz

    A day with the Nexus 4 - Initial thoughts

    Does the GN headset work well with the Nexus 4? I mean playing music, skipping tracks etc. Thanks.
  3. bandreasz

    Nokia Lumia 800 now £149.00 SIM free @ Asda

    I think this phone is out of stock atm.
  4. Hi all, I've got an annoying problem. I can't set my virtual keyboard(ultra keyboard) as default in this ROM. This possibility is supposed to be in the keyboard menu, but it is actually missing. Any idea?
  5. Hi Seb I like very much your ROM, but this "fingerprint" thing is a little worrying. Is there any chance to fix it?
  6. Hello everyone! I've got only one concern about this phone, which is the gsm signal srength as you can see on Paul's pictures in the first post. The signal strength most of the time is 1, sometimes 2 or 3, but never 4 on my device. I put the Orange card into my old unlocked Nokia and that showed maximum signal strength. Anybody else experienced similar to this? What do you think? Thanks for your help bandreasz