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  1. Looks like you're not alone with this problem -
  2. Is there any real improvements with MM, performance wise? haven't seen any reports of anything significant yet.
  3. Mine was on 9% after 30min, I cancelled it, will try again later.
  4. After updating to 5.1.1, is the time & date still ok after a reboot?
  5. I did a reset & it fixed the Date & Time , but the MTP still need to be selected again after restarting.
  6. That's great news Lunario & LiNe171, whats the best way to back everything up before reseting?
  7. Anyone tried flashing stock firmware to see if it fixes the problem?
  8. I've tried restarting the phone with auto time & date selected, & with manually set time & date, it restarts with the wrong time & date every time, also the MTP mode will not stay selected, looks like I will have to send it back for an exchange.
  9. It doesn't happen with my Moto G when I put the same sim in it, only this Smart Ultra 6.
  10. Which Network?, I'm with 3 Mobile. just did a reboot, same thing date is showing 16/03/1970 time 00:47
  11. Another thing I have noticed, MTP needs to be re selected after every re boot
  12. Anyone els having a problem with the time & date?, my Ultra 6 reboots with the date March 1970 & 6 hours ahead of my local time, I need to connect to my wifi to correct it, very odd.
  13. Pisses me off that KK has dropped OTG on the Moto G, now the only way is with a piad app ar rooting.
  14. Have you tried Sound Profile

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