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  1. Marco87

    Which Rom are you using

    Does it have any apps which you cant delete from phone like french rom? i hate french rom, i rooted phone and delete everything but still bouygues telecom ads on startup :)
  2. Marco87

    Hard Reset

    Then how can use it as a phone :)
  3. Marco87

    Hard Reset

    i tried to get v20b for baltics, i installed it with kdz updater but i phone gives error about my sim card.. anyway, can i install one of other v20 or everyone of them will give same error?
  4. Marco87

    Hard Reset

    so how can i delete the french telecom apps?
  5. Marco87

    Hard Reset

    Hi guys, i got my phone last week, it was v1.6 but i upgrade it to 2.1 here is the problem; there is lots of apps for bouygues telecom (french) and i cant delete any of them, now i want to get back 1.6, how can i do it? i tried volume up+ search+ and turn off , its just factory reset nothing change i read somewhere the hard reset is: volume up + search + home key , is this have any difference? Btw sorry for bad english :)