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  1. Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    What's the cost of returning it to a store?
  2. Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    I've unlocked a Tesco 8gb & 16gb through eBay codes (returned in less than 5 mins) with no problems. If you get a Tesco phone that a code can't be found for just take it back for a refund and but another one and try that. They don't seem to quibble about returns as longer as they are as new condition.
  3. Orange Rom Dump Required - AIO Tools

    Yep worked a treat. Just extracted the dump.zip to /sandiego/tools/system & copied the Orange ICS ROM update.zip to /sandiego/tools/orange Then option 2 on the AIO tool Thanks again for uploading.
  4. Orange Rom Dump Required - AIO Tools

    Yeah, the dump is the /system folder from gingerbread. AIO tool copies the gingerbread files to the phone because the Orange ICS update validates the ROM / files on the phone before installing (good old Orange), hence why you can't just flash the Orange ICS ROM from recovery if your on the XOLO ICS ROM. The AIO set-up tool should download the files from Dropbox but they aren't there any more, hence my request. It should be possible to manually add the required files to the correct AIO tool folders. Not at home at the moment, so I can't try it, I'll give it ago tomorrow. Cheers for everyone that helped.
  5. Orange Rom Dump Required - AIO Tools

    Cheers for this, I've just downloaded it and I'll give the dump restore a go.
  6. Orange Rom Dump Required - AIO Tools

    I think (not certain & didn't want to risk it) that this might be the Orange ICS update.zip ROM not the dump.zip file required for the migration back to the Orange ROM. If someone was able to upload the Orange dump.zip I would be grateful
  7. Orange Rom Dump Required - AIO Tools

    Cheers, that would be very helpful
  8. I'm trying to revert my phone to the Orange ROM using the AIO Tools. The Orange ROM Dump is no longer in Ricky's Dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yt5xvgbo64tfag7/dump.zip?dl=1 so the set-up / download tool doesn't work. Can anyone else upload the dump.zip? Perhaps you have downloaded it and its in your /SanDiego/tools folder Cheers
  9. Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Worked great. Tesco 16GB version, flashed with the UK retail ROM. Windows 7 32bit
  10. I just missed it, its now out of stock! Could have done with one at that price for spares :)
  11. Mobile Update

    Great, the X900 is definitely getting 4.1 then :D Yep I'm a little disappointed to, was hopping that they would just release Key Lime Pie for it :D Great, I can't wait for this stock UI based 4.1 update :D Obviously not stopping, let the speculation continue...
  12. Mobile Update

    FOTA = Firmware Over The Air They are just stating that they were the first Indian supplier to provide OTA updates. Which they have done for over a year for the X900, just not the 4.1 update everyone wants!
  13. Mobile Update

    Wow, 9 phones launching in the next 3-4 months, is there a niche in the mid to low end Android handset market that Xolo isn't not targeting??? No wonder they are not shipping Jelly Bean updates with all of the ROMs they have to prep for these phones Perhaps the most interesting thing in the roadmap for readers of this forum is the Q2 scheduled launch of the following phone: X910: 1.6GHz Intel CP/4.3 qHD /5 MP/2000 mAh This roadmap doesn't contain any more details on this model but other phones are due to launch with Android 4.2 or 4.1. There is also some mention of Xolo 'added value features', so the new ROMs might not be close to stock as the X900 ICS that we all love...boo! The roadmap provides no answers on whether the X900 will get 4.1 and any use of the roadmap info to analyse the likely release or not would be pure speculation.
  14. SIM lock status

  15. SIM lock status

    Here's the log from the AT interface when unlocking with a 3 SIM +XLOCK: "PN",4,0,"PU",5,0,"PP",5,0,"PC",5,0,"PS",5,0 +XSIM: 7 +XREG: 0,0,BAND_UMTS_I,"001C","00BCD65D" +XREG: 4,0,BAND_UMTS_I,"001C","00BCD65D" +CREG: 1,"001C","00BCD65D",6 +CGEV: NW CLASS A +XSIM: 12 +XCSQ: 14, 41 +XSIM: 12 +XDATASTAT: 1 +XREG: 1,6,BAND_UMTS_I,"001C","00BCD65D" +PBREADY +XCSQ: 16, 41 +XCSQ: 15, 41