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  1. #askmodaco - the HTC One X+

    Why does this model exist? :( I wish they would put more energy into supporting the One X for one full year, and releasing a new model 1 year later. (Like Samsung and Apple)
  2. Noooo.... bricked my Streak! :(

    Ah, I got it.. thanks!
  3. Noooo.... bricked my Streak! :(

    A random question.. since the resolution on the Streak is same, shouldn't the menu occupy the same amount of place? I mean on the Streak in that screenshot the about phone menu takes around 80% of the whole screen, while in my G2 I have to scroll up and down.. shouldn't it be the same on both? Or am I missing something?
  4. NewsRob

    Yup, this is a great app but I prefer FeedR as well.. perfect two way sync as well as a very nice UI. The only thing FeedR is missing is a unified view of all the categories.