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  1. MoDaCo Toolkit Pro Key

  2. Will this work on Xperia Z with the Xposed framework installed?
  3. We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    I'm a 41 year old Android fan, got the HTC Magic when it first came back in the days. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. Back in 1989, when I was Inter-Railing, me and and two friends rented motorbikes and decided to drive to the top of the highest mountain on Corfu, Greece. After a looong while (the road was awful) we arrived at the top, took a leak, took some pictures and turned back down the mountain. All in all, we stayed up there for maybe 5 minutes! :-P It's still one of the trips that makes me smile!
  4. We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. Random fact: I like to breathe through my nose.
  5. Tapatalk Support.

    Finally! I'm very happy!
  6. I would be soo happy if I had one of these in my hands! :huh:
  7. The 'my first post' topic [merged]

    Hi all! What's up?
  8. I read on a Swedish forum that wifi wake-up works when 3G is disabled. Maybe there's a check somewhere that isn't correct, as it won't wake up wifi if there's a 3G connection.
  9. Running r8. Can't seem to backup or restore the settings in Launcher Pro. It says it can't find sd card. Is it maybe that it is mounted in /mnt/sdcard instead of /sdcard ?
  10. Redownloaded and installed without wipe, Wifi works now! :D
  11. Wifi doesn't work with alpha6, it shows "Error" under WLAN. Upgraded without wipe from alpha5.
  12. Tapatalk Support.