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  1. Thanks, iv just called them again but asked to upgrade my payg phone, ( i gave them a number for an old sim card that is now disconnected) i then told them i also have a contract with them ( i took this out 2 months ago) the lady quoted the full price and i said i will have a think about it and call back, then she offered me the £20 discount becasue im already a customer! so i took it and paid £88 inc 10 pound top up :) i wasnt pushy and didnt ask for the discount, thanks for the advice :)
  2. Does anyone know if they are still giving discount if you already have an orange payg sim?? i just called up to ask how much it would be and told the guy that im on orange payg but he said i wouldnt get any discounts as this is already the discounted price and it £10 more on the web, the only discount he offered me was for the phone fund even tho i asked???? :)
  3. Hi everyone im new to this forum and just wanted to say this this is an awesome review!! iv never had an android phone before so im an newbie and have a few questions for anyone who has the SF and would be kind enough to answer me before i decide to buy! - 1, Are the ringtones on the SF quite loud?? 2, Can you set you own custom tones for sms messages and email messages? ( i currently have an iphone 3gs and you cant sent your own msg tones unless you jailbreak) Thanks :)