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  1. There is a new version of the original ROM in the Acer site: AV051.S500.RV10RC05.EMEA.MBSD - 2014/01/02 Can you do a new version using it?
  2. Mine also failed to flash the phone on the end because I was using Windows XP in VirtualBox, running on Linux and using the USB passtrough to connect to the phone. Seems like VirtualBox has some problems with reliable USB passtrough. I had to install and boot windows natively to flash the phone. A phone that runs Linux needs a copy of Windows to install the updates. :blink:
  3. The EXE self-extracts the necessary files to a temporary folder and launches a different version of the firmware loader.
  4. rjscosta

    JB Official Firmware

    Thanks. They were just uploaded the day before I posted here (April 25th). Should have checked Acer site everyday :D
  5. rjscosta

    JB Official Firmware

    Does anyone have the official JB update for the EMEA_FR or WW_GEN1 ? Vache's site is back online but with serious problems: when downloading the connection drops after 260 Mb transferred every time and Acer has nos OS images on their website.
  6. Done. Installed the leak and unlocked bootloader. Since the fastboot flash will not work after I upgrade back to the official JB, I have to flash the recovery (CWM) before the upgrade, but then comes another question: Do Acer official updates install with the CWM recovery? Or only with the original recovery?
  7. I have the official JB (EMEA_FR) installed. If I flash the leak to get the unlocked bootloader and then flash the official JB rom, will it overwrite the booloader with the locked one?
  8. Is there a method to unlock the bootloader without downgrading to the JB leak? Something like flashing just the bootloader on CWM, leaving the rest intact?
  9. rjscosta

    Root CloudMobile Jelly Bean

    Vache's site is offline. Do you have a mirror for the files?
  10. rjscosta

    [LEAK] JellyBean 1.063.00 WW_GEN1

    Missed that detail. Browsing on the phone the date is not visible.
  11. rjscosta

    [LEAK] JellyBean 1.063.00 WW_GEN1

    By waves? Do they release OTA updates by IMEI groups or what? I'm in Portugal, the Cloudmobile is not sold at local stores and Expansys sends us in Portugal the FR version, instead of the World Wide. I think vache has uploaded the official JB upgrade file for the FR version on his site: http://vache-android.com/?dir=Smartphones/CloudMobile/JellyBean/EMEA_FR/SDs_Acer_S500_AV051.RV00RB00_AV051.RV18RB01_EMEA_FR I will try to install it.
  12. rjscosta

    [LEAK] JellyBean 1.063.00 WW_GEN1

    Is anyone with an EMEA_FR phone getting the OTA update? I rooted mine, did the "Temp Unroot" but it keeps saying its up to date.
  13. Yeah. It seems the EMEA_FR version phones are not getting the OTA update.
  14. rjscosta

    Root CloudMobile

    Does any one have busybox compiled? Installing BusyBox will brake the OTA even if we use the "Temporary unRoot" on Superuser? Edit: Oh well... I've installed BusyBox using a market app while placing the su binary on Unsecure Boot... Hoping it doesn't brake OTA.
  15. rjscosta

    Stock Firmware Downloads

    You must unzip the file vache provides. Inside you'll find a .txt file and update.zip. Extract update.zip to the micro SD card and then flash update.zip