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  1. HTC One: BlinkFeed

    Thanks for the introduction. Good as usual. So, no more of FriendsStream?
  2. MoDaCo Recommends... Best Social Media Client

    Yet i like official FB & Twitter apps, still find hootsuite more practical in posting to all my social accounts and pages. Like too in managing twitter lists in its streams.
  3. Thaaaaanx a lot. A question though, I know using the new radio xd1 is recommended. However, I found it less in speed than older one xb3. Is there any harm of keeping the old radio for this new update?
  4. Ok, after trying many 2.3.4 ROMs, I'll get back to this one untill google release Arabic support. Only then I'll unroot my phone, lock it again, and get back to original stock phone. I hope it would be soon.
  5. Because of Arabic Support, this rom and Cyanogen's are the prefect one for me and many others (like me). So, we hope Paul will issue the update... At the same time I can say even Cyanogen hasn't fully updated to 2.3.4 with video gtalk. This gives us some hope :D
  6. A lot of poeple are waiting... waiting.... waiting.... :unsure:
  7. Yes, Paul. This is the best rom for my nexus s in stabilty, battery, and Arabic support. However, I have one request you may consider in next updates if you don't mind and I hope that I'm not bothering: in Arabic (specifically RTL), we use the mr. Ayman Al Sanad application from market (see www.ardoid.com). However, when it's Arabic, the first line in SMS and Gtalk always doesn't come exactly on right. This means some words of the first line comes under the contact picture. Upon talking with Ayman regarding this issue, he said this is caused by the SMS application itself. We'd highly appreciate your help here if possible.
  8. - did any one had this issue: battery isn't charged more than 96%?! - Sometimes, I feel that some working-in-background applications like twitter is not sync while the screen of the phone is off for a while!!! hope that we're not nagging here :(
  9. Dear Paul, Sorry to bother but could I make a request if you don't mind: Could you please add Arabic (Egypt) locale to languages. I use Arabic Gingerbread keyboard. it's working fine with Cyanogen 7. However, here, I wasn't able to add Arabic Language as a second language in the keyboard as there is no Arabic Locale. Note, Morelocale2 application from the market didn't solve this issue.
  10. Could any please provide a different link for download. I don't have access to this link in my area. MY PHONE IS: GRH78 Thanks in advance
  11. hello... could you please advise if there any hope that this rom might add FM Radio application as I've heard the hardware support it in someway?
  12. I tried to search for this here but haven't found any. I don't know if this a bug here or just a bug in version 2.10. The Google Talk shortcut in People show a an icon for phone and doesn't show the google talk icon. So in other words, there is no Google talk icon (shortcut) in people list. Totally appreciate your advise.
  13. A Decent Stock Gingerbread ROM For The Desire

    r9 has in other place an Arabic support. So I'm using it since long time ago. Last period, I changed to Cyanogen 6.1.1 and to tell you the truth, I like how much it's smoother and quicker. However, after few days, I found myself getting back to sense. Sense is consistent in colors and is warm to deal with. While in AOSP roms, each application is a stand alone application. They are not really connected and correlated as in sense. I've heard that 2.29 sense roms (r10 here) is more smoother than 2.10 ones. I hope that an Arabic Support would be available to try. HTC sense is much lovely and is full thoughtful build. By the way, in 2.10 build, I removed the rosie and widgets. I'm using Zeam laucher. In other words, I'm using light sense :unsure: A question though, do any body face troubles with HTC facebook/Friend Streams when there is hundreds of friends are there? I'm using HTC facebook and Friend Stream instead of Facebook App for Android. I feel, Facebook App for Android might be better in dealing with hundreds of friends than HTC facebook. Could any one please confirm this?
  14. HTC Sense Versions Diffs

    Thank you very much for your reply. However, it was a little bit summerized :) But thanks again...