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  1. TPT for a chineese blade

    Reading this XDA thread im not sure flashing to a stockrom will fix this problem http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1948404
  2. TPT for a chineese blade

    I have been attempting to get this to work again but am still having the tpt bootloader stall on startup even tho I have moved the image.bin file into the /image/ folder However when I use TPT helper to check the image folder I recieve the following error Cannot find nandroid.md5 file in the image folder, please check it exists What is nandroid.md5 and what is it needed for in this process? Why don't I have it? Where can I get it?
  3. TPT for a chineese blade

    Seems strange that I need somthing to go from Gen 1 to Gen 2 when im already at Gen2 My memory config is (Mem Info 204 mb / 421 mb) What is a 4x or 2.4x ROM?
  4. TPT for a chineese blade

    Hi Lunario This is a really helpful post.. but im a still a little lost. My blade is an old one I got when they first came out. Mr Pigfish says its now a Gen2 Blade checker says its a TPT Upgraded Gen2 (only use Gen 1 TPTs) 138mb system 315mb data But i'm confused because ive been told to use the ROM below I need at least 160mb of system So I do need to upgrade my TPT - which I can't [DEV][ROM][26.2.] CyanogenMod 10 (Continuation of KonstaT's work)
  5. Hoping you can help me and a small number of other people i have seen with the same problem. I am unable to activate the TPT bootloader required for repartitioning the drives to allow ROMs supporting later versions of android. I have an UK purchased Orange San Francisco (Mem Info 204 mb / 421 mb) Running ROM Cyanogenmod 7.2 (2.3.7 Android) I am completely unable to start TPT from the GUI because it shows as not currently supported by my ROM but upon attempting to activate the bootloader through a restart holding MENU & Volume + results in boot process stalling upon the green android logo. (however I was once able to activate the greentext boot loader, sadly I do not remember the slightly different steps I may have used) Has anyone here faced similar issues? If you are facing the same issue please post your system specs. At the moment I am stuck using android 2.3.7 and will not be able to upgrade my phone any further.
  6. TPT for a chineese blade

    Okay so im completely lost now.. I don't have a chinnese blade but I still can't start the TPT boot loader. What are my next steps?
  7. TPT for a chineese blade

    Okay first I can confirm my mem info shows 217mb / 421mb suggesting it is NOT a chinese blade Confirmed the MD5 of the image.bin file is correct with TPT helper (although it defaults to zip files) But still get a nandroid.md5 missing error when I check my image directory I've created a image folder and placed the image.bin file within although I should have had too as unziping the file should have done this however I still hang upon restarting when pressing menu and volume.
  8. TPT for a chineese blade

    I don't know why im reporting a different MD5 hash.. ive downloaded it twice over wifi. Can you please confirm
  9. TPT for a chineese blade

    Just tried this.. Im getting a different md5 hash value calculated I can succesfully unzip it When I check the image directory it complans that the nandroid.md5 file can not be found in the image folder? Where should the image folder be located.. I thought just having the image.bin file in the sd root was enough
  10. TPT for a chineese blade

    No.. all I know is it says 'Made in China' on the back How would I tell for certain? I don't think this is a problem with the TPT images themselfs.. I don't even seem to the TPT bootloader It always (apart from once) just hangs on the green android whenever you press menu & volume+
  11. TPT for a chineese blade

    Has anyone out there with a UK orange Francisco managed to remap their TPT? I'm getting very frustrated as im getting nowhere so far.
  12. TPT for a chineese blade

    Hi Newbie Thanks for the custom TPT but I'm still having the same problem Upon pressing power, menu & volume + I just hang on the green android logo. Once I managed to get into the TPT loader.. but only once and its never happened since.
  13. TPT for a chineese blade

    after 100 views and no replies im worried this isn't possible... This problem effects all UK blade owners from upgrading their blades.. we need a solution.
  14. I need a Gen 2 custom: 160mb system, 2mb cache, 279 mb data TPT setup for my 'chineese' blade. Its an Orange san francisco - is this even possible?
  15. ZTE Blade TPTs

    I think I figured out the problem is my 'ZTE blade' (orange sanfransico) despite being bought in the UK was made in China What TPT should I use for a Chinese blade?