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  1. Reading this XDA thread im not sure flashing to a stockrom will fix this problem
  2. I have been attempting to get this to work again but am still having the tpt bootloader stall on startup even tho I have moved the image.bin file into the /image/ folder However when I use TPT helper to check the image folder I recieve the following error Cannot find nandroid.md5 file in the image folder, please check it exists What is nandroid.md5 and what is it needed for in this process? Why don't I have it? Where can I get it?
  3. Seems strange that I need somthing to go from Gen 1 to Gen 2 when im already at Gen2 My memory config is (Mem Info 204 mb / 421 mb) What is a 4x or 2.4x ROM?
  4. Hi Lunario This is a really helpful post.. but im a still a little lost. My blade is an old one I got when they first came out. Mr Pigfish says its now a Gen2 Blade checker says its a TPT Upgraded Gen2 (only use Gen 1 TPTs) 138mb system 315mb data But i'm confused because ive been told to use the ROM below I need at least 160mb of system So I do need to upgrade my TPT - which I can't [DEV][ROM][26.2.] CyanogenMod 10 (Continuation of KonstaT's work)
  5. Hoping you can help me and a small number of other people i have seen with the same problem. I am unable to activate the TPT bootloader required for repartitioning the drives to allow ROMs supporting later versions of android. I have an UK purchased Orange San Francisco (Mem Info 204 mb / 421 mb) Running ROM Cyanogenmod 7.2 (2.3.7 Android) I am completely unable to start TPT from the GUI because it shows as not currently supported by my ROM but upon attempting to activate the bootloader through a restart holding MENU & Volume + results in boot process stalling upon the green android logo. (however I was once able to activate the greentext boot loader, sadly I do not remember the slightly different steps I may have used) Has anyone here faced similar issues? If you are facing the same issue please post your system specs. At the moment I am stuck using android 2.3.7 and will not be able to upgrade my phone any further.
  6. Okay so im completely lost now.. I don't have a chinnese blade but I still can't start the TPT boot loader. What are my next steps?
  7. Okay first I can confirm my mem info shows 217mb / 421mb suggesting it is NOT a chinese blade Confirmed the MD5 of the image.bin file is correct with TPT helper (although it defaults to zip files) But still get a nandroid.md5 missing error when I check my image directory I've created a image folder and placed the image.bin file within although I should have had too as unziping the file should have done this however I still hang upon restarting when pressing menu and volume.
  8. I don't know why im reporting a different MD5 hash.. ive downloaded it twice over wifi. Can you please confirm
  9. Just tried this.. Im getting a different md5 hash value calculated I can succesfully unzip it When I check the image directory it complans that the nandroid.md5 file can not be found in the image folder? Where should the image folder be located.. I thought just having the image.bin file in the sd root was enough
  10. No.. all I know is it says 'Made in China' on the back How would I tell for certain? I don't think this is a problem with the TPT images themselfs.. I don't even seem to the TPT bootloader It always (apart from once) just hangs on the green android whenever you press menu & volume+
  11. Has anyone out there with a UK orange Francisco managed to remap their TPT? I'm getting very frustrated as im getting nowhere so far.
  12. Hi Newbie Thanks for the custom TPT but I'm still having the same problem Upon pressing power, menu & volume + I just hang on the green android logo. Once I managed to get into the TPT loader.. but only once and its never happened since.
  13. after 100 views and no replies im worried this isn't possible... This problem effects all UK blade owners from upgrading their blades.. we need a solution.
  14. I need a Gen 2 custom: 160mb system, 2mb cache, 279 mb data TPT setup for my 'chineese' blade. Its an Orange san francisco - is this even possible?
  15. I think I figured out the problem is my 'ZTE blade' (orange sanfransico) despite being bought in the UK was made in China What TPT should I use for a Chinese blade?

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