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  1. FrownBreaker

    Refurbished Nexus 10 32GB available for £299

    Are there any more of these refurbs on sale from a reputable seller?
  2. Thanks. Downloading the toolchains now. I notice the post talks about GB but I suppose the XML endpoints are the same in ICS.
  3. Is there anyway to flash the native SIP support back on the G300? I think Voda took SIP out of the stock ROM. I'm trying out the apps suggested here (Thanks FlatPackPete) but would like the native support as the call quality on third party apps may not be good on 3G as the codec needed require a licence that Google has already paid for.
  4. FrownBreaker

    driving holder

    Thanks for the heads up on the motor bike option. I've some BT PMR radios with headsets (earpiece and mic) will use these.
  5. FrownBreaker

    driving holder

    Thanks I had noticed, I've got some work to do on my bike until then (new locks etc) so 4 wks should roll by, also ordered some water bottle holders etc so I've no problem waiting. It took 3 weeks for my G300 silicone case to arrive! But it was a lot cheaper than UK suppliers.
  6. FrownBreaker

    driving holder

    True I have a pair of Sony Bluetooth headphones I wear -riding off road and can listen to podcasts / music and answer calls (like in a car) just using the headset. So it covers me but Google Nav for road use might be an option as the voice naviagation via headphones might be ok. Wonder if any of the WiFi chat programs would work with a headset on the road for WiFi chat amongst a group of bikes, they would need to support the controls on BT headsets.... Hmm..
  7. FrownBreaker

    driving holder

    Just measured my g300 and found it fits the ebay listed holder for bikes. This case is listed as Size : 12.5 cm x 7 cm x 2.5 cm Pic 4 supersized shows the construction http://www.ebay.co.u...r-/150879660274
  8. FrownBreaker

    driving holder

    Thanks good to here your feedback and suggestion. I quite like the idea of a nylon bag with zip and see through cover with cord attachment to the bike like the one in the ebay link. Pic 4 supersized shows the construction http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2012-Cycling-Bicycle-bike-Handlebar-Bag-for-Mobile-phone-with-tracking-number-/150879660274
  9. FrownBreaker

    driving holder

    I was after one for my push bike this is for the iPhone4 but the case looks too small? (Width of the G300 is larger) I checked the dimensions here: http://www.ADVERT LINK REMOVED.com/phones/Huawei-Ascend-G300_id6991 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2012-Cycling-Bicycle-bike-Handlebar-Bag-for-Mobile-phone-with-tracking-number-/150879660274 Ebay Item number: 150879660274
  10. FrownBreaker

    [MOD] Change your splash screen

    The splash is not the Huawei clam but the Chinese carrier logo that pops up with the Chinese speech is played during start up. When in "download mode" I just get the carrier logo, no speech.
  11. FrownBreaker

    [MOD] Change your splash screen

    926 then 927 (To get the widget on the pull down) I think.
  12. The current supplied by the mains charger is higher than the current supplied on the average PC USB bus. This article has details.. http://www.extremetech.com/computing/115251-how-usb-charging-works-or-how-to-avoid-blowing-up-your-smartphone
  13. Oh so the toggles I have on one phone are from my 926 vendor update and the CWR flashed 927 does not have toggles. The reason I have no toogles on the second phone is that I never install the vendor file when I install 926. So should I install the 927 vendor file to both phones?
  14. Did my first phone fine. Tried to update another phone today (B888) to ICS926 then 927 all done but the toggles on the pull down are missing. Was this added by the vendor file in the 926 release (I skipped Vendor on the second phone) Just wanted a the pull down toggles otherwise the phone is fine and on 927!