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  1. My phone is going strong but I often run out of internal memory. I'm unable to move apps to the phones sd card. I've read you can extend the internal memory using the sd card but this isn't an option. I can only see an option to format the card as a portable device. Phone is in unrooted and runs on 6.01 Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  2. Android Marshmallow coming to Ultra 6

    Lucky if I get a day out of the battery since the upgrade.
  3. Android Marshmallow coming to Ultra 6

    I've cleared the cache, so I'll see if it's any better
  4. Android Marshmallow coming to Ultra 6

    Battery life is poor
  5. Real shame they haven't sought fit to produce Marshmallow. I really like my phone but don't like being 2 software upgrades behind.
  6. Which rom do you use?

    I'm annoyed that there's no official update to Marshmallow. My mum has a moto g 2nd edition and theta an update to 6 for that.
  7. Which rom do you use?

    I'm using stock as I can't see any benefit from others I tried a few months ago.
  8. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    No idea buddy, I just followed the advice seen in the link.
  9. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    Issue with Facebook and messenger The fix seen in here worked for me. Just ensure you don't allow Facebook and messenger to update http://community.vodafone.co.nz/t5/Android-phones/TEMP-FIX-SMART-ULTRA-6-FACEBOOK-MESSENGER/m-p/202898#M8859
  10. Struggling to press 1 and 0 on keyboard.

    Phone collected yesterday ! I tracked my repair. It took 6 days to get to the repair place and yet it was repaired and back to the shop in one day! Anyway, phone seems okay 😀
  11. Struggling to press 1 and 0 on keyboard.

    Thank you for your comments 😀 Paperwork doesn't mention screen burn although I told the rep. I should have checked the paperwork before leaving the shop 😞
  12. Struggling to press 1 and 0 on keyboard.

    The condition of the phone is superb. The screen burn isn't related to how I looked after it. I look after things, so expect a repair under warranty. Now using my 3 year old Motorola G, which hasn't a mark on it!
  13. Struggling to press 1 and 0 on keyboard.

    Dropped the phone in to a store today. Thirty minutes before I was attended to. The phone is in A1 condition but the rep wrote fair condition, marks and scratches on the phone, on the paperwork! z Didn't notice this until I read through the paperwork at home. Also noticed the screen had burnt the glass around the edges! 5 to 10 days to repair.
  14. Struggling to press 1 and 0 on keyboard.

    Tried another reset to no avail.