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  1. Is the SU6 dieing a death?

    Love the phone. Not sure what I'd replace it with.
  2. I'm on talktalk 76mbs. Connecting it to my laptop via ethernet gives me full speed using my hudl 2 and running a speed test gives me a max of 30mbs. Should I expect more than this please?
  3. I've tried a few phone holders but I'm not impressed to date. Can anyone recommend me a car holder for my smart ultra 6 please. Links would be useful ☺
  4. Hellp with restoring my phone to stock

    Thank you very much.
  5. I would like to restore my phone to stock. I'm using the speedy rom but chrome doesn't work and I keep getting storage warnings although I've loads of space on my phone. Here's info on my phone. I'd really appreciate help with the rom I need please. My phone is rooted and I have twrp installed.
  6. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    Is this working OK? I'm using the speedy rom debloated but chrome doesn't work on it. Can I download and install via TWRP? Thank you Richard
  7. I have rooted and used flashify to put a debranded rom on my phone. Due to an issue with Bluetooth stopping my ringtone sounding I would like to change my rom. I'm in the UK. What rom do I need to downgrade to 5.0.1 please.
  8. I prefer chrome to Firefox or opera. Any news on a fix for chrome please ☺
  9. Stock SU6 has stopped ringing

    Happens on my phone without bluetooth being used.
  10. Stock SU6 has stopped ringing

    I'm running stock 5.1.1 and had the same issue after putting the phone on mute, for a meeting etc, then taking the mute off. Alarm and notifications are okay, just the phone ringer that's affected. A reboot sorts it out. Don't think this happened before the software update. I was thinking of doing a factory reset but I have the phone set up just as I like it.
  11. App Layout

    I use Smart Launcher which displays apps in a circle or grid
  12. Does sms wake up phone?

    Thanks, I've installed Textra and all is fine.
  13. Does sms wake up phone?

    When I receive a sms I thought the phone screen should wake up and show the content on the screen. Does it? Is there a setting? Thanks Richard
  14. Phone resetting?

    Changed the phone yesterday. I was within my 14 days so it was a straight swap. Replacement is spot on and the mobile signal strength is better too!
  15. Phone resetting?

    Connected phone to laptop last night as I wanted to copy music to the 64gig SD card. Son after the phone started rebooting. I've reset the phone and running minimum about of apps. Seems okay now. I was set for trying to exchange the phone

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