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  1. Try it without the SD-card, or with another SD-card. I don't have the problems you describe, and you may have a unit going down.
  2. Solved it. I guess the ROM used does not have init.d scripting enabled by default. After I enabled init.d scripting with the app in this XDA-topic and verified it to be enabled, then suddenly the two drives were swapped and I have the space needed for my apps and data, with many more GB available :)
  3. Thanks :) Forgot to say I tried that one, and that actually refused to install, and after trying this, both the SD-card and internal storage were gone...
  4. Thanks for the tip, have bought the Europe edition for £24.99 :)
  5. I have the DUO with the Superstock ROM (, root etc), and have bought CoPilot Live Europe thanks to the News article here. Now the CoPilot maps for the whole of Europe are 2.0 GB, and unfortunately the program will not write to the external SD-card, but only to the internal memory of 1.6 GB. Yep, too small. Also, Link2SD will only move apps to there, not to the external SD-card. After some searching I found several topics on the web suggesting editing vfold.stab to swap the two (like and, have done that, but that doesn't change anything. Mounts2SD and S2e don't help either. Any thoughts on how these can be swapped? I have looked in the Ascend G300 section as well, as the "problem" is there as well, but no fun so far. Any help would be appreciated :)
  6. Ok, but that is not something everybody uses and hence I don't see that as vitall. Annoying, yes, but only a dealbreaker for some.
  7. What do you call "vital functions" that do not work? The phone, both SIMs work, 3G on either SIM, screen, Android, WIFI etc. I dislike some of the choices made (like the ON-OFF button), but it works fine for me.
  8. You probably have a defective handset. Mine works fine with battery (usually 2 days) en WiFi.
  9. I first had the same problem with busybox and the installer, and even the tip from albe.minimal didn't help. Then I noticed the small superuser symbol just below the run-button, pressed that to run as "su", and then the scripts worked fine! :)
  10. Looks good, will try it during this week :) Can you indicate what the difference is with the other ROMs?
  11. Firstly, this is not a helpdesk, so these kind of screaming topictitles and impatient posts like this won't help. Have you tried to connect via Fastboot or push Clockworkmod as described in the sticky?
  12. I am interested in doing this, but the description is too brief for a non-expert :) When you say decompress, is that by copying it to the phone, or via adb, or?
  13. I paid £4.79 with unlock_fusion on Ebay, and this worked quickly and nicely as well. So there is more than specialize :)
  14. Mobistar Belgium. But don't expect to find it in a Dutch shop, or cheap if you don't want to go abroad.
  15. I am using all kinds of different micro-USB chargers with my OSF, including a charger from my Blackberry 9780. No problem, works fine.

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